Wednesday, November 18, 2015

An Agent of Chaos

Greetings all,

Well what a week!  I'd been mostly insulated from the news last weekend as I was on the road working an expo.  When I got back to my friend's place early in the week I finally had time to see the news of what transpired in Paris.

It is very distressing to see the level of violence and carnage that some people are willing to inflict on others in their lust for temporal power.  The desire to rule and control others is not a spiritual goal it's an ego power play.  However I was even more disgusted that in the wake of this tragedy people were turning a cold shoulder to refugees and the hateful fear filled comment that flooded social media.

So I have been a busy little bee posting my actual opinions on Facebook.  People have been caught off guard as I usually try to be a little less controversial online.  I haven't been pulling punches.  I have stirred things up.  I have been an agent of chaos.  Hopefully it's been chaos on the side of good.  I get too comfortable in my opinions like anyone else, and they need stirring up from time to time.  If I'm honest it is a bit scary.  I've opened myself up to all sorts of personal attacks.  Coyote told me I'd upset the powers, well maybe the powers need to be upset, maybe we all do.

How about yourself?  Are you making waves?  Are you rocking the boat?  If you are then don't get too discouraged.  Those that rock the boat, that question society often do it to make a better world.  If not us then who?  So be bold.  Be the chaos of life, because stagnation is death.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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