Friday, April 10, 2015

Special Effects

Greetings all,

This weekend sees me in many places at once.  I shall be attending Victory of Light helping my friend in his booth vending stones and wonders.  I shall also have my artwork locally at the Mighty Kindness Earth Day Hoot down at Waterfront park.  This did not require mastery of time and space (though I highly recommend that if you can pull it off) it only required a little cooperation from friends.  I'm seeing a lot of things come together lately.  I have also seen in an increase in what I term "special effects" in the work I do.

I often think that Hollywood has spoiled us with movies and television when it comes to magic and the psychic realm.  In my experience most things are subtle which isn't to say they aren't powerful and meaningful they just don't come with lots of fireworks…usually.  I have on occasion seen some real doozies.  This generally happens when two opposing forces meet.  Over the years though I had sort of given up on the idea of a special effects department when it came to my work.  I just assumed my special effects budget was on par with an independent film.

Funny how just as I had let it go things start to happen.  I should mention that the special effects are not the goal of my services or practices.  I do want some measurable results but they don't have to announce themselves in a blazing banner across the sky.  I'd grown content with the subtle magics and smoothing the way for things to happen.  I'd been okay with seeing just enough for my clients to give them value and good service, I didn't need to be flashy.  Just in the past few months I have had events where my special effects budget went into a normal studio range and took me out of the indy scene.  I'm excited by this but at the same time I am wary.  I don't want to get addicted to the idea of the spectacle and flourish.  If there is one thing I have learned is when you try to make something like that happen it rarely does.  It's best to appreciate it when it does and then not aim for it.

One of my teachers talked about this once.  She told me when she started out on her mystical path she was very interested in what she called "phenomena"  and later on she became more into the spiritual truth behind such things.  The phenomena still happen but it isn't what she is trying for anymore.  People may look for it, but a change of heart or a lessening of the mind's burdens give more lasting effects then the flash of spirit lights.  For me I would like just enough special effects to let me know something has happened, and I don't need it all the time.  I prefer to use my special effects budget to get better scripts for life.  It is a natural drive to look for the mysterious and the other.  I'd even call it healthy so long as you don't expect spirit to put on a magic show to amuse you.

So you may be wondering how any of this applies to you.  Well how much pop and fizzle do you expect out of the mysteries?  Do you require blockbuster special effects to snap you out of the boxed dream you're living in?  Do you require 3-D and surround sound to feel as if spirit is speaking with you?  If so you may wish to rethink your position.  Generally when someone has blown their budget on special effects in the business it is because they don't have much to convey.  The art of the spectacle replaces good storytelling or in this case good living.  Now I'm not suggesting you don't splurge on a good visual now and then, but always remember what truly matters…the story.  Now that I have milked this metaphor for all its worth ask yourself what would it take to change my perspective?  How much proof do I need?  Does it matter how that proof is delivered?  When we start limiting how we can accept something we limit what we receive across the board.  Be open be, aware, invest yourself in what matters, forget about the special effects, because when you do that's when the real magic starts to happen.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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