Sunday, November 9, 2014

Heart of it

Greetings all,

Welcome to winter, at least by the Celtic calendar.  Halloween marked the end of summer and beginning of winter.  The solstice which we sometimes call the first day of winter is actually midwinter.  I like to use the old calendar to help connect with the flow of the season it helps me to move more gracefully through the currents of the year.

Winter is the dimming of the light, shorter days, and colder winds.  As the external sun dims it is important to stoke the fires of our internal sun, the heart.  It is our source of life as sure as the sun.  If the sun stops shining life is impossible and if our heart stops beating it is the same.  The heart gives us energy and nourishment.  It also has quite a bit of neural tissue so it has its own intelligence.  The wisdom of the heart is in acceptance, sharing, and making connections.  The quantum field is accessed via the field of the heart.  To access true magic we must open and surrender to the heart.

I've studied quite a bit of lore and metaphysical paths in the past decade.  I have accumulated a good bit of "knowledge" and even applied some of it quite well.  I have come to a point where more knowledge will not be of service (no I'm not saying I know it all just that I've got to learn to fully use what I already have).  What is needed now is to work on opening my heart and keeping it open and radiating love.  Some people do this effortlessly (or they make it look that way at least).  It is definitely something I have to "work" at.

Trusting is hard.  Particularly in a world where trust is often seen and used as an exploitable weakness.  We have very little built in trust in our society.  Think I'm wrong? How many lawyer ads have you seen this week on television?  Have you read warning labels lately?  Signed any waiver forms this month?  Trust just isn't what it used to be.  You may think because I have a spiritual practice I'm more trusting, but you've got it in reverse.  I have a spiritual practice so I can become more trusting (and trustworthy).  Without trust you can't create that open heart so it is key.  What I'm coming to realize is that if I were to more fully dwell in the space of the heart all of what I currently do would both simplify and become exponentially more powerful.   Right now I work at heart space and I get results, but if I dwelled there or just moved within it more easily the entire fabric of my life would change.

There are things I long for, owning a home, finding a good market for my artwork, travel, and relationships.  (Yes even the Mooneagle likes a good snuggle).  However those are just the outward expressions of my heart.  The love of creating is behind my desire for selling work.  The exuberance and adventure is expressed through travel.  The love of self is embraced in the purchase of a hearth and home.  All of these are only reflections of what is in my heart, my work is to bring them out so that my heart can flourish while shining out its light and warmth.  In the midst of a world that seems bent against leading with the heart this is a challenge.  It is the only challenge really all else is just details.

So how about you?  Are you over complicating life?  Is it distracting you from excavating the love within?  Do you learn and grow only to find satisfaction has slipped through your fingers?  What if we came back to the simplicity of love.  In a complex crazy world of mind control advertising of adversarial paradigms what if we plugged into the sun within?  Try it, love yourself even your broken bits and see what unfolds.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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