Saturday, November 15, 2014

Adventure Party

Greetings all,

This week has been jam packed.  I just returned this evening from a road trip.  I went down to Gatlinburg, TN to collect some of my art work from a gallery that was closing.  It was a fast trip I went down yesterday and came back today.  I'll be out on the road again next weekend for Victory of Light Psychic Fair in Cincinnati, OH.  Come on out and visit me if you're in the region.

So this trip was put together rather quickly and was made necessary by the sad circumstances of losing a selling venue for artwork.  My healing practice has expanded quite a bit the past few months, but my artwork has lagged behind as far as finding its way into buyers hands.  I'll be honest I was not a happy camper having to make an impromptu trip in what has been a very busy season so far.

With trips I tend to spend a bit of extra time asking for assistance from spirit.  Now that we've moved into winter I am even more cautious as I set out.  I called on all of my guides, ancestors, power animals, teachers, faeries, and angels to smooth my way this weekend.  I noticed a very curious thing on my drive down.  I was enjoying what was otherwise a very tedious drive.  I even sent Reiki to all the nature spirits as I drove past.  I was filled with appreciation and joy for all the fall colors.  I had what the Taoists call the inner smile spreading through my insides.  I even got messages from passing cars and trucks (License plates and logos are big omen opportunities for me).

I have been repeatedly told in journeys to call on my helpers, power animals, guides and all of my spirit support network.  I have dozens of helpful beings waiting in the wings (hah angel pun) for the go sign from me to step in and assist.  I have simply gotten out of the habit of asking for help.  I don't know why it makes such a huge difference and doesn't take that much time out of my day to send out those silent requests.  These helpers are important to the success of my adventures and yet I leave them at the inn half the time.  Now I am good about calling on them when I am doing work for a client, but for myself I just can't be bothered regularly to send out the bat signal.  So I show up with little support and then complain about how I am not supported.

Guides and spirits need our permission to act on our behalf.  Most of them are bursting at the seams to jump in and gift us with their help.  They learn and grow in tandem with ourselves.  The more they are able to help us on our life path the more they in turn develop.

So does any of this apply to you?  Do you have helpers (in flesh or in spirit) that sit idle because you forget to ask for help?  Are you so much of a loner that you feel you must tackle everything yourself?  Are you stuck in a routine where you don't even stop to think about summoning aid?  Well put your team leader hat on and start delegating.  If you feel you don't have the right spiritual help put out a cosmic Help Wanted ad.  Write out a position description for someone to help you with a particular aspect of your life.  Once you have it down make a ceremony maybe put the ad in a fire to send it out.  Call on your helpers let them know they've got your say so to start working for you.  Do it daily and watch what happens.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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