Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Body Barometer

Greetings everyone,

I've been in the midst of a big shift the past 9 months (no I am not having a baby).  I've traveled, expanded my business to a physical office space, taught new workshops, and seen relationships come and go.  What has been particularly interesting is how my body has been tracking all of this.

Earlier in the month I did a group download live, and immediately after I became ill.  Except this wasn't a virus or bacterial infection, my body went into a spontaneous detox reaction.  (I've done detoxes before and it matched up with all the symptoms).  I just recently ordered a download from an energy practitioner that aids in letting go.  (Check out Jaden Rose Phoenix on her website  I had immediate releases oddly enough in my muscular and fascia around the sacrum and sternum.  The muscles are attempting to let go, at this moment I still have a stubborn knot under my shoulder blades, but that will loosen in a bit.  It's rather fascinating how literal my body can be with things "letting go" and sure enough long held tensions start releasing.

Being empathic, I have to be careful about taking care of myself and giving myself enough quiet restorative time.  It can be easy to mimic or absorb conditions that people around me exhibit.  I also notice a habit of processing something on a physical level which is really an emotional issue.  Luckily I don't tend to let this go to extremes as I have in the past.  By tuning into my body I can easily tell what I am dealing with beneath the surface.  How am I really handling something is quite apparent.  The body doesn't lie.  Right now my heart is trying to open more than it has been in the past, and that's a good thing.  An open heart is more able to receive love and blessings, as well as to give those in return.  While it would be easy to speculate on the opening in the sacral area, I'll just say perhaps I should dance more.  ;-)

So do you let your body do the processing?  Ever get a headache so you couldn't go to that event that you really didn't want to attend? Take an inventory of aches and pains and see if they get you any emotional breathing space.  Do they serve you in any way?  Perhaps if we checked in with how we're feeling more often we wouldn't need to use our bodies as barometers.  Maybe if we could be honest about not wanting to attend (insert annoying person's name here) party we might not get that migraine, or fall down and sprain something.

So remember to check in with yourself often, and let your body do the walking not the talking.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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