Sunday, July 1, 2018


Greetings all,

I hope your week went well.  We've had intense weather as well as a lovely full moon.  I sometimes wonder how much to share in these musings.  It felt really good last week to spew forth a blue streak of my frustrations.  However I also realize that this blog gets shared to both my homepage and my author page on amazon.  I need to present as professional for potential clients and customers,  so I try to balance between authenticity and prudence.   Many people have an idea in their head that people who do this sort of work are more evolved.  They mistakenly think that we don't have blind spots or flaws.  I believe this sort of thinking is dangerous for people who seek spirit practitioners and for the spirit practitioners themselves.  It fosters an imbalanced power dynamic that can allow the more wounded parts of the self to exert an undue influence.  You see this in the rise of cults, where the leader starts to believe his (or her) own hype.  I find it difficult to reconcile broadcasting my human failings with the idea that I can be of service to you.  Maybe I lose some business, but I like to think that the people who end up coming to see me do so with eyes open.  Hopefully it balances out.

Lately I've been building the energy for my summer workshop series I'll be teaching in Minneapolis and Thunder Bay in August.  I've been playing around with my crystal skull Pepe.  He is very jolly skull and I can't wait for all the participants to experience his particular vibe.  He's been enjoying being around for my ceremonies and grids.  Friday at the office he was present as I opened the space, which I do the same way each time.  As I did so I had a strong multidimensional feeling, it was if there was a line of me behind and in front of me across time.  All of us were performing the opening ceremony together.  This brought home the idea of working across time to create more powerful effects.  This is also one of the reasons that I do my prayer ceremony on the same day every week.  If I was really spiffy I would do it at the exact same time, but that would be expecting life to be a bit more predictable than is realistic.

Time is a funny concept.  I've mostly felt it like a weight.  Staying in the same place too long it can sometimes be a challenge to break out of a pattern.  As I walk down the same streets I feel the echo of all the times I have walked down them before, and what I carried with me.  The flip side of that is I also have all the times that I transcended on my side too.  Learning to access more of myself, I can leverage more power to create the life I desire.  We exist across time for a reason.  We cannot be contained in only one moment.  Our soul needs that continuum to bring out all of our richness.

So why am I telling you this?  Well, our habits carve grooves in time.  This can work for us or against us.  The more we show up in a loving way, the more of that loving self there is to call upon in every other moment of our lives.  The more times we ask Spirit to come into our lives, the more powerful the effect, because we have the cumulative effect of that intervention.

How about you?  Are you neglecting the dimension of time in your life?  Are you valuing it?  Are you using it in a mindful way?  Are you gathering all your past selves to you lovingly?  What about your future selves? Do you feel burdened by the familiar paths?  Do you long to cut a new path across the valley of time? Do you spend your days feeling isolated from the vastness of your soul?  If so I suggest you pick an action whether it be prayer, meditation, or exercise and engage your selves across time both past and future. Check into to all those emanations of the soul across the timeline.  See how that feels, until next time.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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