Sunday, December 3, 2017

Of Keys and Locks

Greetings all,

Welcome to the holiday season! This week has been full of surprises.  Mostly what has been showing up is potentials for growth in the coming year.  Finding unlooked for opportunities, and openings into new ways of working and being has also been shaking open the doors of life.

I had a spontaneous movie night this week with a dear friend.  We were looking around and the people in her apartment complex had some quite amusing WIFI network names.  There was the ever popular FBI home surveillance network, but by far our favorite was "The Promise LAN."  Of course it was password protected.  You don't get in the promised LAN without the right key.

I've been finding lately that my working style with people has been shifting.  It has become more of a partnership model rather than a sit back, and let me do the healing.  (Note:  I don't really do the healing, Spirit does that I just hold space).  I've been engaging people to track patterns and issues along with me.  I've been rethinking how much responsibility rests in my hands and how much in theirs.  This has been creating more exciting, productive, and less tiring sessions.

I've thought  about blocks and how we get in our own way.  The Universe knows I trip myself up and self sabotage constantly.  Getting to the bottom of the why's of that, looking at agreements, and changing them or at least the relationship to them has me working more like a coach these days.  I still move energy and patterns around, but I find that facilitating and presenting people with the keys to their own blocks is far more effective than if I try and unlock their power for them.  I'm excited again about the future rather than just worried.  I'm excited about bringing more value and clarity to those that work with me.  I'm feeling greater confidence and that makes my work go much smoother.

The biggest block I have found is the belief that we can't get better, can't get what we want, or can't change.  If we don't deal with that pattern we can move mountains of energy and everything will stay locked into place.  I recently had a spirit tell me that I wouldn't let myself dream.  I knew exactly what they meant.  I settled, because I never thought I could get what it was I wanted.  I'm done playing small though, and I'm going after what I want.

So why am I telling you this?  Well we get stuck sometimes in life, and we give up pursuing our passions.  We let go of having something in our life that lights us up from the inside.  When we do that we become locked into the prison of mass consciousness and limitations.  I'm not saying that we should follow through on every desire and impulse, but we must at least allow ourselves the place to explore some of them.

So have you stopped making your personal wish list?  Have you stopped being excited at life's possibilities?  Have you tried to be "realistic" rather than idealistic?  Well perhaps it is time you reexamined that approach.  If you don't attempt something you have a 0% chance of success.  If you allow yourself to dream, to wish, to attempt, then you may unlock the key to the Promised may also get the WIFI password.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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