Saturday, March 25, 2017

Spring Fools

Greetings all,

Well I have been a busy bee.  Above you see pictures from my spring equinox drum ceremony.  It had everything a budding thaumaturge could ask for:  two drummers for balance, one male one female, a dark and light drum, a clear and smoky crystal, cold and warmth, clouds and sun, and last but not least a man and his dog.

Monday the 20th was the equinox and I was of course dedicated to ceremony, but I was also on a time constraint.  For Monday is my do everything day.  I clean, I do laundry, I teach, and I goto the gym.  It's why I never schedule clients on that day.  Shamanic practitioner I may be, but the toilet isn't going to scrub itself, nor the laundry wash itself.  So in between loads of laundry I scampered off to a local park.  I met with one of my teachers there and I set up my altar space.  Just as we were getting started an older man walked by with a little dog, and my teacher a consummate dog lover asked, "What kind of dog is she?"

I have often written about the power of questions, and what they can unleash into the world.  I had no concept of what was to follow.  I should note beforehand, that I am always a little trepidatious about performing ceremony in what amounts to public space.  I never know who will be around, if they will honor the space, or if they will be belligerent and start spouting religious dogma at me.  In this case I needn't have worried.  The man whom I shall call Mr. J. was extremely friendly, curious, and courteous.  He obviously was very kind natured and loved to talk with people.  Indeed he kept us talking for at least twenty minutes, and even asked us about what we were doing.  I was vague on the details, but simply said we were celebrating the incoming season of spring.  He wanted to know more, and so I meted out little bits of information all the while quite conscious of the time ticking away and becoming more and more anxious.  I finally gave up and just let him meander on his conversational track until it seemed like he was at its conclusion.  I remembered this is ceremony and whatever happens will happen for a reason.

Mr. J. departed taking his little dog home.  We very quickly moved into ceremony.  Now here is the very interesting bit.  When I arrived it was quite raw and wet out.  It didn't feel like spring at all.  I was regretting not having ear muffs.  Well about midway through the ceremony the sun started to peak out.  All of the sudden the gray overcast light was peeled back to reveal the bright yellow light of spring.  By the time we'd finished the drumming, the temperature had moderated considerably.  It felt a good 10 degrees warmer.  It was as if spring had arrived at the apex of the ceremony.  Perfect in its timing I was glad I had indulged Mr. J., for if we had started when we first intended we would have missed the transformation from winter to spring.  Instead our drumming seemed to be plugged into the exact moment when the seasons changed.

Later on that day as I was busily seeing to my chores before teaching I realized something else about our encounter.  Mr. J. had been the living archetype of the Fool from the tarot.  Now don't misunderstand, I'm not insulting him.  I don't mean fool as someone who is ignorant or stupid.  I am referring to the open innocence that the Fool card can possess.  It is the wild card of the major arcana.  It is the zero card, the void, and is one face of the divine.  The Fool is also lucky.  Often in the card he (or sometimes she) is depicted with a little dog heading off into the world beneath  the sun, innocent to any dangers on the path ahead, and so they are open to new experiences.  Looking back I can't even be sure Mr. J. was actually there and not a spirit in disguise meant to test our courtesy while helping us to be in sync with the energies of seasonal transformation.  I have been told that the old stories still walk amongst us in our world.

So why am I telling you all this.  Well are you ever in such a hurry or so tied to a schedule that you miss the magic that is trying to happen for you?  Do you treat others as an inconvenience rather than an invitation?  Are you aware of those moments when the balance changes and something new begins?  Well maybe it is time to slow down your agenda and greet what is coming to you right now.  Here we stand at the doorway of spring.  What unforeseen forces are stalking you for your higher good?  Will you snap out of your controlled routines to see the mystery that hunts for your heart?  Will you capture the magic by letting go of the reins to your plans?  Try just for a few days, and maybe one of the old stories will find you.  Maybe you'll meet dear Mr. J. and then, well that's another story.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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