Thursday, July 7, 2016


Greetings all,

I hope you had a good week.  The 4th being a Monday really jammed my schedule into high gear.  I have been on the go constantly.  The rest of the week looks to be that way too,  but it is the good kind of busy.  Amidst the hubbub I'm amazed to still get messages from my deep self and my guides.

On the 4th,  I went to a recreation center with my sister.  We played in the arcade, but the highlight for me was the laser tag arena.  It may seem incongruous that I am against guns but love laser tag, but shooting people with lasers makes me feel better.  I blame video games.  Every vest and phaser gun has an ID on them.  I grabbed one for my sister and one for myself not even looking at the names.  Well the one I "randomly" picked had the codename Wizard on it.  This felt a bit like the universe's quirky sense of humor.  Well at the end of the round I came out to find that Wizard was number one in the arena.  This was awesome because I'd been feeling a little unimpressive lately.  Sometimes I get drawn into the mainstream mindset and start measuring my life by the common metrics.  The thing is my business pays for itself and always has since I started it officially, but I've hit major blocks when I've wanted it to pay for me too.  Recently I took the plunge and cut myself off from my old retail position so money has been on my mind.

Being called a wizard by the universe (don't give me any of that coincidence crap either, I know an omen when I see it buster) really helped lift me up.  As far as money goes this week I got a major reveal from my subconscious about some of my blocks around money.  Dreams as I have said many times before are useful to me not so much because they foretell, but simply because they offer a look behind the scenes of my working mind.  All this time I thought I had a block around money, but it wasn't really about that.  I awoke from a dream in which I had finally gotten my own house and in that house I was lonely.  So my block is not about money it's about being alone.  If I made enough to not have to share living space then I'd have to face being alone for the first time in my life.  This was a core block, and the realization of what it meant is huge.  I am still not sure exactly what to do with it or how to proceed, but just having it out there and named is a big deal.

We all hit roadblocks in life.  Sometimes they are external circumstances, but when we keep hitting the same restrictions over and over the odds are there is some deep subconscious block that is keeping us stuck.  So much of our energy goes into mustering a united front within ourselves to accomplish a goal.  When we get out of our own way it's amazing how fast things can happen.  We really are own worst enemy, luckily we also happen to be our own greatest ally.  Deep blocks are tricky because they shape so much of what we perceive they are functionally invisible to the conscious mind.  It takes something out of the ordinary to help us see what's holding us back.  In my case this week it was being named Wizard and triumphing in the arena, and a dream that hit me at just the right time.  Grant it the dream itself was not pleasant at all, but I am very grateful because now I can start to address the block directly.

Why am I telling you all this.  Well for starters I want you to know that I have blocks too.  I struggle with myself.  Some of you put me up on a pedestal and I make a point of taking myself off it on this blog. I am a person so I have my flaws (although I prefer to call them quirks) just like everyone else.  The other reason is that we so rarely think about what within ourselves is creating the situations we continually find ourselves in. How about you?  Do you find yourself dealing with the same issues or limitations repeatedly?  Maybe the block isn't what you thought it was.  Pay attention to your dreams especially the ones that make you afraid or depressed.  Those are big shining clues. Milk them for all their worth.  Start to break it all down and maybe you'll get to some core blocks.  It's just the first step on the path to greater flow, but without that first step we're all blocked from getting anywhere.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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