Friday, February 19, 2016

Tracks in the Snow

Greetings all,

Well plans do change don't they.  Originally I would have been on the road now, but my travel plans have been sidelined for the time being.  The weather swings back and forth now, although in the last few days I have tasted a bit of spring in the wind.  Before winter breathes its last though snow is teaching me a thing or two.

I was covering a shift during the last snow.  It came down a bit quicker than they had predicted.  Even with closing early the way home was tricky.  While I was closing up though, I noticed all the tracks in the back lot as I took out the trash and loaded up the car.  Every step was marked changing the surface of the otherwise fluffy white blanket.  I saw tracks swerve, go straight, and double back on themselves.  I noticed my own tracks and how much they changed the landscape.  I normally don't think about the paths I take. I am focused more on where I'm going and where I came from, but here all that was apparent was the path of the tracks.

It is difficult to put into words the understanding that came from the simple visual of footprints in the snow.  (No it wasn't the footprints on the sand poster where I was being carried either).  I was seeing how much we wander.  How much we retrace our steps.  I was aware of all the paths we take unaware and yet we arrive here.  Again that isn't it, because it was a feeling, a knowing, a deep secret.  It was sacred.  We see our world and our life in little snapshots.  It's probably why Facebook and Instagram are so popular.  Very few of us watch the path.  The path is where the patterns are, and if you can see the track of the path you know where it will lead.  This is the secret to divination. You see the path and can estimate the destination.

Too much of my life was spent moving with no direction trying not to make waves.  I muddled around on the worn paths of those around me.  As my footprints travel further away from the masses I feel more myself, but just like being out in the snow I feel alone.  Yes I know I am not alone.  There are the spirits the presences of those between.  I felt them in that moment looking at my path on the fallen flakes.  If I follow my song within me, my tracks will veer father, and I don't know what other tracks will intersect.  Still seeing all my footprints laid out there was one clear message amidst the vision.  It was, are you ready?  Be mindful of your path.

So how about you?  Do you think about the paths you take?  Do you consider the effect you have as you move through the world?  If each step we take leaves a mark, then what are your marks doing for yourself, others, and the world at large?  What happens when you become aware of how you move through your life?  Would you change course?  Would you tighten your stride, or would you give yourself permission to stray a bit off the worn paths and meander?  Try becoming aware as you walk, imagine leaving a series of glowing steps.  What does that do to your concept of life and meaning?  Let me know as you wander by.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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