Friday, August 7, 2015


Greetings all,

I am on the road.  I've been traveling since Wednesday.  Tomorrow I teach my first out of state workshop.  The day after that I will be at the Celebration of Life Expo in York, PA.  Right now after setting up in two different towns and getting my workshop notes rewritten and reorganized I'm pretty beat.

It strikes me that just a few generations back travel was much more laborious.  Before the 1950s and the interstate projects cross country travel was much more time intensive we can do in a day what may have once taken weeks due to the state of the roads.  With air travel, we can be somewhere in hours where once it may have taken our ancestors months or even years.

Travel has gotten immensely easier, and yet it still seems tiring.  There is something about the road that is draining.  Maybe it is the attention it takes for us to navigate safely at such high speeds which taxes our energy.  Maybe it is the preparing and packing.  Maybe it is the change in the energy of the land beneath our feet.  Jet lag is a good example of this.  We can travel so fast now that our bodies don't naturally synchronize to the rhythms and times.  We used to be limited to the pace of our own walking or that of our horse.  Then came the railroads, automobiles, and planes.  We don't have the slow recalibration as we zoom past the landscape any more.  Now we physically race along and then our energy bodies have to catch up.

Right now I am playing catch up.  I'm out of my normal place on this earth and off my normal schedule to boot.  So this is a good time to tune into my body and listen to what it needs.  At this moment it is saying finish up this blog so we can take a short lie down.  So I guess I will make this a short post.

How about you?  As you move physically through the world are you conscious of the effects of that rapid moment on yourself?  Do you have a method to reset your system when you travel or do you just wait till you are home again? As I embark on more traveling in the next few months I'm finding it even more important to find ways to settle down once I reach my destination.  Feel free to share your tricks for finding peace amongst the movement.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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