Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pages are Turning

Greetings all,

What a week.  I got back Monday and hit the ground running.  I've been editing the chapters of my book this week.  I'm happy to say that I have completed the chapters and now I just need to go through the afterword, resource page, and table of contents.  Then it is on to generate a book cover image.

Editing and revising are an interesting mindset as they bring back to me the initial creation of a piece of writing.  Sometimes I see it differently when I circle back around.  I will see things that I missed from my initial read through.  Certain concepts which sounded clear when I wrote them down, now sound odd when I read through them again. My editing process has been running parallel to an astrological alignment, specifically the Venus retrograde.

Retrogrades in astrology are often interpreted as times of review.  They are opportunities to rethink a strategy, project, or in the case of Venus, relationships.  It's funny I have been running into people I haven't seen in years.  Sometimes it was with people that I had a sharper disconnect with, others just faded out.  What is interesting is how different we are now at this point in our lives.  I am curious to see if old some old acquaintances will turn into more close friends.  On the other side of this revisiting energy has been the concept of the turned page.

Like a book our life has chapters.  Some characters appear early on and we never see them again.  Others weave in out of the chapters of our life.  Still there are characters, some of whom may have been major story arcs in our definitive chapters, that have their run with us and then that's it.  We have in a sense turned a page that we can't turn back.  I like most people have had relationships that were intense for key points in my life, and like most people I thought that meant forever.  It is not always so.  I can tell you the most suffering I've endured is when I have tried to hold onto a relationship when it has passed its expiration date.  When I do finally let go that chapter is closed, done….over.  The pages can't be turned back if I wish to move forward with my own story.

Now on occasion, people come to me asking if I might consider reopening a closed chapter.  Some well meaning, others just curious, and there are of course the others whom I call pot stirrers. I've actually had people so persistent to drag me back into the past that I had to close their chapter as well.  It all finally crystallized into a saying that has since caught fire on Facebook.  "Some relationships we just outgrow. Asking us to renew them would be like asking a butterfly to crawl back into the cocoon." No butterfly in their right mind wants to become a caterpillar again when they can fly.

So what about you?  Have you been revisiting the ghost of relationships past this month?  Do you reread the chapters in your life instead of writing new ones? Have you ever clipped your wings to crawl back into a cocoon that no longer fits?  Well while it is sometimes nice to rekindle old flames, it is equally good at times to bury the ashes.  Ask yourself if who you are now can fit your wings into the picture with the people that are popping up.  If not you may just need to fly a little farther.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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