Monday, July 13, 2015


Greetings all,

I bet you thought I had forgotten all about you.  Well I simply had trouble with my browser loading the blog.  So being all clever and technical I remembered that I have another web browser that I use when the first one is being all contrary.

There is nothing quite so satisfying as seeing an energetic principle in action.  Particularly if you are the one employing it.  I had the good fortune of being in that position this week.  Weather has been teaching me to seize opportunities when they arise and they did arise this week when I went to teach tai chi.  There was a short window of clear skies and not too hot or humid air.  Whenever possible I like to practice tai chi outside and I try to get as many of my classes as possible to take place outdoors as well.  So in this calm between thunder I coaxed most of my students out to the pool patio.

As we move deeper into summer there are few days where it is pleasant in the late afternoon to practice on the concrete area.  This was quite bearable with a slight breeze.  Now here was the challenge.  We were not the only ones outside appreciating the gentle weather.  There was one or two families there too.  Two darling lovely children were running about...screaming bloody murder.  I know not exactly the ambiance you'd wish for a tai chi class.  I felt a tad bit embarrassed and unprofessional for leading a class amidst that chaos.  Then I thought what better environment to learn to tune more into your own chi rather than letting the outside world dictate your mental state.  So we began and I smiled as piercing screams and occasional tears punctuated my instructions.  As we got started though all but one of the children got calmer.  Then lo and behold the mothers decided it was time to go, leaving us in quiet contemplation for the remainder of our class.

It could be coincidence.  It could be that the moms were embarrassed of how loud their kids were.  (Truly they weren't any louder than other kids that age).  However I think what happened had more to do with resonance.  As we moved farther into our routine even the distractions became part of the rhythm.  We established a vibration of balance and quiet contemplation.  The external environment then began to align itself with that, it came in resonance with our collective energy.  It is like what happens when a bunch of pendulums are started at different times, eventually they all start to move in sync with each other.  The more focused or intense vibrations tend to create a stronger resonance pattern and become dominant.  Immediately after we had cleared the patio I remarked, "Well we have the place to ourselves now, I wonder how that happened..."

Resonance is one of the keys to manifesting.  Either you create a strong focused vibration/intention and the world comes in resonance with it, or you come in resonance with something and your vibration is dictated by whatever you are in resonance with.  Here is the tricky part though you can be in positive resonance or negative resonance and they are both equally powerful and capable of drawing to you those situations.  This is why they tell you in all manifestation courses to never focus on what you don't want, because it sets up a negative resonance which serves to align events with it.  Complaining sets us up to be in negative resonance with whatever caused us to complain and thereby perpetuates the pattern. 

Well you may be thinking how does this apply to you?  Think about what you are in resonance in with positively.  What about those things you really hate or are afraid of.  Sorry to say you are in resonance with those things too.  It is simply a negative resonance.  Which resonance are you more affected by?  Which resonance do you dwell on more?  Setting up a positive resonance is easy, what is hard is getting rid of negative resonances.  The more you try and push whatever it is away the more negatively you are in resonance with it.  It's a tricky deal.  The only way out seems to be refocusing on your experiences that draw you into positive resonance.  Try not complaining or being drawn into what you are upset about, afraid of, or disappointed in for a bit and see what happens.  What shows up?  Continue to explore and uncover your negative resonances and bring them to awareness.  Set the vibration and resonance in your space and see how life unfolds around you.  Let me know if that resonates with you.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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