Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Drums of Summer

Greetings all,

Summer has made itself known this week with heat and just now the sound of thunder and rain on my windows.  I always loved the sound of the rain and the boom of thunder.  Today was Father's Day and the summer solstice as well.  I have a childhood memory of watching a storm with my father on our covered patio far from where I now live.

Summer is the time to savor the fruits of life, to explore, travel, and taste the winds.  On the days where the seasons revolve and the wheel of the year turns I am called to drum.  I drum for those in my care.  I drum for those I love.  I drum to honor the Earth, Creator, and all the little spirits of life.  It is my task.  I had been ill this week and though I am still recovering I feel a bit refreshed by my ceremony.  One of my teachers came and led us in despacho ceremony.  We gave to spirit and now we receive in turn.

Several of my loved ones have been ill or hurting in their hearts of late.  So I made sure to hold them in love as the drums thundered on.  Those in my year of transformation service were named as well.  On my path it is given to me to call in spirit and blessings.  I am called to make sacred the time and place where I walk.  Ceremony is how I do it.  Others can do it with a kind word, a glance, an embrace or simply by breathing where they are.  I'm not that quiet so I dance and I drum and make a ruckus.

So what about you?  Did you call the sun down to love the earth today?  Did you thank the winds for the rain?  Did you bless those you carry in your heart? We stand here astride the country of summer and  try to hold onto its warmth to keep us in the dark half of the year. How do you honor the growing times? Think on it and gaze below at our solstice despacho to share in some of this day's blessings.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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