Saturday, March 21, 2015

A World Apart

Greetings all,

For those of you in the northern hemisphere happy spring!  This week it seemed as if everything was happening at once.  I learned later that on top of a super new moon on the equinox and solar eclipse we also had big solar flares during the week.  Some people may not be aware of it but solar storm activity has quite a large effect on us, and not just on our satellites.  The electromagnetic field of the earth is mirrored in the electromagnetic field of the heart.  Solar storms tend to coincide with increased reporting of heart attacks.   For more sensitive individuals they can cause fatigue, mood swings, and even strange or disturbing dreams.  It does help to explain why everything seemed to pile on this week. I had a game night, hosted my first meditation group, and yesterday had a day of 3 ceremonies.

Some of you may may not be aware that I do ceremony every Friday.  I've done so for almost 2 years now.  Each week I gather around my mesa and rattle my thanks to the Creator, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon and various other spirits and guides.  I then send out a special prayer blessing to the people on my list.  This has built over time and become something that people on the prayer list look forward to seeing in their inbox.  I also do quarterly drumming ceremonies on the solstices and equinoxes.  Yesterday was a double whammy in that it was Friday so the rattling prayer ceremony happened and as it was also the equinox the drum ceremony was performed as well.

I like to be outside to drum for the spring equinox if at all possible.  This always leaves me in a quandary as to where to go to drum.  I really can't do it in my backyard.  The neighbors are understanding, but I don't feel like stopping to explain myself all the time.  While I try not to worry what people think I also try to be respectful of them, particularly when we live in close quarters.  Generally I settle on a park for drumming.  This is alright, but I always worry that someone will intrude on the space I set  up or be disrespectful, or that the police will come by and interrupt because of the noise.  (Try explaining to the officer how you are honoring a spiritual obligation).  None of these things has ever happened, but I do think about them.  So I sent some of my guides ahead of me to find me a proper space in the park.

I arrived and it was cool and wet.  It wasn't raining and while technically in the 50s it felt much cooler than that.  I found the covered picnic pavilion empty, and the park wasn't very busy apart from a few joggers and dog walkers.  I set about rattling the space to clear out any energies not in line with sacred work.  I called to the spirit of the land asking for their blessing to do ceremony.  I began drumming the 4 directions starting in the east as it the door of spring and continued around the  medicine wheel.  As I set my mesa out and began to concentrate on drumming and welcoming the spring I noticed that none of the people were paying any notice of me, not even the dogs were glancing my way.  In fact the dogs didn't even acknowledge hearing the drum nor did the people.  This continued and then I spotted a man walking directly toward the picnic tables.  It looked like he was heading right for me.  He got to the edge of the pavilion and he veered without noticing me or reacting in any way and headed to the other side of the covered shelter where there were some restrooms.  I couldn't understand how it was that no one even lifted their head as they walked by.  Then I saw it.  There was just the slightest hint of mist around the pavilion.  It was a thin veil almost imperceptible to the eyes, and I wondered had I or my guides parted the veil putting me into the domain known as Faery.

I know some of you may balk at the notion, but over the years I have repeatedly had the experience of being in plain sight but clearly invisible.  I've also been in a space where the flow of time changes either slowing down or speeding up.  I've seen in ritual spaces many things that perhaps you could explain if you really tried, but put all together they seem to defy the rational mind.  I have seen the mist in the trees when no one else noticed it.  I've also had the experience of not wanting to be found and to those seeking me out it seems as if I have dropped off the face of the earth, as if I am dwelling in a world apart.  This is a natural gift, but also one I have honed with practice.  The upside is if I want to be left alone odds are I will be.  The downside is that I have relied too much on this talent and can be a bit aloof and for business reasons you need to stand out and be easy to find.  Still it was one of those wow moments.

Magic for me is often subtle happening in the between moments.  If you blink you might miss it.  The equinox is a whole day of between moments.  At these times the natural world is on the cusp and all the energies of life are realigning.  This is one of the reasons why I do ceremonies on these days.  By honoring the wheel of the seasons I join with them and share in their power.  It is easy to get lost and confused in the delusion of the mainstream.  We are told magic isn't real or only fools believe in it.  I am a fool then because I believe and I will pass through the door of belief into true knowing.

So how about you  did you mark the liminal time of the equinox?  Do you align yourself with nature?  Have you ever slipped out of the world into your own slice of Faery?  While we must live in the here and now it is at times good to slip into the between to walk the secret corridors between the worlds.  Try finding that space where you are within the waking world but also apart and beside it simultaneously.  What wonders do you see, hear, or feel?  Let me know and enjoy the turning of the seasons.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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