Monday, March 30, 2015

A Tune for the Seer

Greetings all,

I do apologize about the last minute of this post, I fell asleep earlier.  Still the sun has not risen on the new week so I am in time still.  To quote the Doctor, "Time is not the boss of me." I've only had the faintest glimmer of a blog topic, my authoring has been stretched thin of late preparing for public talks and penning my first book.      

I was thinking back on the past year.  I had a strange thing occur around midsummer.  I began to whistle a tune that I couldn't place.  All of the sudden it was their in my mind a presence constant and rather maddening as I couldn't recall where I had heard the tune.  A colleague of mine finally told me it was Twisted Nerve from Kill Bill.  This is a movie I had only seen once before and it had been quite a few years back.  It has a rather ominous sound to it even more so when paired with the scene in which it appears.

I thought that once I knew its origin the tune would fade from my mind.  It didn't, in fact the urge to whistle it only grew and grew.  It was like an omen  I didn't piece together exactly what for until months later.  I discovered someone had not only been cheating me on a business deal, but their business had gone bust it started roughly around the middle of the summer.  About the same time I got that urge to whistle that murderous melody.  That is the trouble with being tuned in, sometimes you don't always know that you are or exactly what you are tuned into.  My subconscious apparently knew and selected the appropriate emotional thematic tune.  (Not literally of course, as I'm not an assassin).

People assume that I know what I know.  It is true that I do have an extended sense range.  I am blessed/cursed in that whenever someone talks about me like a boomerang it gets back to me.  This is both useful and troubling.  My omens can start rather vague, but eventually they come into focus.  In a way I'm grateful it's less obtrusive that way.  It is also fun to see how events connect in hindsight.  I'm sure the coincidence police will say that they're not connected that it was a fluke, but my focus was directed at the perfect time to salvage what I could from the situation.  After the mischief was handled I lost all urge to whistle Twisted Nerve and moved on to more happy harmonies.

So how about you?  Have you ever noticed a weird tick suddenly appear out of nowhere only to later find out that something had been going on behind the scenes.  Did your subconscious clue you in to a "meanwhile back at the ranch" kind of moment?  After a while of mysterious whistling compulsion I knew there was something behind it I just wasn't sure what.   By inquiring I opened avenues for answers.  Our behavior particularly when it comes from subconscious prompting is a great tool for garnering more information.  If you start to ask yourself why you are doing something you start on a road of self discovery.  Ponder that for a week while I leave you with some parting music.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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