Thursday, February 5, 2015

Yes I Too

Greetings all,

I got quite a response from last week's post.  Friends were calling me making sure I was okay.  The impression I apparently projected was one of anger.  In all honesty there was a hint of that but it was more frustration than anger.  I generally wait a while before I write about something that is bothering me, but if my deadline comes and I don't have any other inspiring ideas I write about what is on my mind.

There is always a misconception that because of what I do and who I am that I don't suffer from the same life challenges, drama, and burdens that everyone contends with.  Sometimes I am going to be upset and sometimes it is for a very good reason.  Sometimes it is because I have my head up my ass.  I reserve the right to feel how I feel and to occasionally have my head up my ass.  I am not a guru, I am not an ascended master (at least not that I know of).  For me asking myself what would Jesus (or any other spiritual guru like Gandhi, Buddha, Moses, Babaji) do, is a meaningless question.  I've had some say I shouldn't enforce consequences with people because it is not the compassionate thing to do.  I then remind them that I am the Mooneagle, not Christ.  I do have hard edges at times.

The world we live in requirers us to have boundaries and limits on what we will accept and do.  We should try and expand those if we want to experience something new.  However, we still need to have boundaries.  One of my teachers often says to me, "We teach people how to treat us."  Occasionally I need to be reminded of that.  So yes I get short with people sometimes.  I get pissed off, revel in impatience, and yes I do whine.  I'm not happy about it either believe me.  Usually I snap out of it fairly quickly.  There have also been times where some friendly intervention has suggested I check my anal cavity if I wish to locate my head.

Why am I going into all this?  Well I am human this time round the third rock and that means I sometimes get my panties in a twist and I need to cut myself some slack for that.  Pretty much I got up today and didn't kill, rape or steal so I am not all that terrible.  Many of us who are consciously walking a path of dedication hold ourselves to impossibly high standards and beat ourselves up when we don't measure up to an avatar.  Out of the billions of people that have lived there have only been a handful of enlightened masters at any one time, so if you just look at the numbers this is kind of an uphill battle.  Now I'm not saying we shouldn't go for high ideals, but let us remember that our ideals and the action of our life won't always mesh.  There are cross currents in life that we have to respond to.  So the best we can hope is that our ship is pointing the right way.

Well what about you?  Do you hold yourself to impossible standards?  Do you berate yourself when you are less than ideal when you've not had enough sleep or ran out of time to have lunch?  Do you expect others to always behave in completely rational ways?  Do you think that you are a rational being?  Well hate to break it to you, but many of our responses are subconsciously dictated.  They are ordered deep within behind curtains where they play cards with our shadow.  Sometimes we will be selfish, judgmental, and uncaring.  What if recognizing that you forgave yourself and strived to just do your best whatever that is on a particular day?  What if you didn't have to be your best self everyday but just the best self you can manage each day?  Would that shift how you treat yourself?  Let me know.  In the meantime I have some complaining to do….just kidding.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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  1. I appreciate your authenticity, and willingness to keep it human... ;) Good reflections... I can relate... we're all doing the best we can do... and even as we become more conscious there are subtle shadows playing under the surface... there can be apprehension in getting to know them, but from my experience, once I shine the light on them I see scared pieces of myself trying to survive... once I remind them they are safe and I will protect them (with boundaries, as you shared) life seems to flow again... Blessings, Suzette