Saturday, January 17, 2015

Only Room for Love

Greetings all,

I realize the past few months I have been harder edged than usual.  Life sometimes goads a response to treatment and mine has been to be a little less patient with people and their "stuff".  In setting boundaries with people it is easy to forget about love.

Some may argue that we should accept everyone unconditionally into our lives and just love them.  This sounds pretty and is a beautiful concept.  Some people even seem to manage this.  I don't generally recommend this as a lifestyle choice.  Let me explain.  Whenever I have been lax in screening the company I keep I have ended up in very dangerous situations.  I have in the past been:  confronted and drained of my chi by psychic vampires,  threatened with bodily harm at a party (the man had a gun in his truck…he didn't make it to his truck),  been physically assaulted in a public restroom by a drunken concert goer, and interacted with magical folk that liked to try out their hexes whenever they disagreed with someone.  This list is just a short summary of a few years in my twenties when I didn't realize that I had control over whom I interacted with in my social life.

I am sometimes accused of being cold or stand offish.  People mistakenly think I am looking down at them.  I am not, what I am doing is hanging back for a while to see if they are the sort that is going to fly off in a rage and attack me.  This makes me slow to warm up to people, particularly if they project a hard or aggressive demeanor.

Compassion, acceptance, and inclusion are central concepts to many spiritual paths.  They are easy to say and hard to practice.  I give myself a little more leeway now considering all that I have experienced.     Doing clearing work and depossession on occasion you run across beings that do not provoke a loving response, usually they stir up the opposite feelings of revulsion and terror.  My response has been to call in helping spirits that remove them as lovingly as possible.  It ends up being a healing for them too though as they are removed from the sphere of worldly influence and are tended to.  Recently in doing a little clearing work for a good friend (no entities involved just emotional energy) while we smudged and rattled the space I began to sing various power songs.  I find that singing is one of the best ways to focus energy and intent and to move with spirit.  As I moved through one of the more charged spaces I began to sing "There's only room for love."  This became a chant and then a power song in its own right.  It is simple and powerful.  It allows beings to retain the choice of what they carry on them, but also enforces good boundaries.  If there is only room for love you can choose to bring love or there is no space for you.

So why am I telling you all this?  Well think about your life and what you make space for, and what you wish you didn't have space for.  If you only have room for love what do you think would happen to your social, work, or family life?  What if you made what you loving the focus for your life and pruned away all that isn't in alignment with it? What would vanish from your life if there was truly only room for love?  Let me know in the comments below.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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