Saturday, January 24, 2015

No Time Like the Present

Greetings all,

I hope your week went well.  It is only the third week of the year and I am very hopeful about how the course will run for 2015.  I have been dashing about madly tending to one thing or another.  I've also plunged into enjoying myself at one of my typically least favorite times of year.

In winter it is difficult for me to get myself up and out of the house.  Now so far we've been pretty lucky about snow and ice (I may regret saying that but remember I said so far).  It can be a challenge to get me to break out of my routine even in the summer.  However I've started to make little changes here and there.  I've made the effort to enjoy this time between the holidays and spring and I think it is paying off.

In times past I would always try and wait for other people to go out and do something with them.  I would try to gather everyone together, but what usually happened was I ended up waiting and missing whatever it was I wanted to do.  So far this year I've had a game night,  I've taken a day trip to visit a friend on her farm, and tonight I went to a community ecstatic dance gathering.  I don't know if it is well known but the Mooneagle likes to dance.  Truthfully he loves it.  The thing is I (thought referring to myself in the third person was getting tiresome) don't like clubs or bars.  I don't drink and the energy I sense there is very sexually predacious.  When I dance it is about the spirit moving not about grinding my pelvis against a stranger's booty.  (Not that there is anything wrong with that if said stranger is amenable, but it is not my thing).

My point is that I've packed a lot of living into these past few weeks.   I hope to continue this endeavor as I move through this year and the all the ones that may follow.  I've stopped waiting for life to happen,  and for companions.  I'm making my own entertainment.  I'm taking me out for a date, and I am finding that I am a fantastic date.  I should have started dating myself years ago.  Basically I've stopped waiting for the right people or time and just decided what I wanted to do and then I go do it.  A better life isn't waiting on the horizon it's waiting on me to decide to seize it.

So how about you?  Are you waiting on someone to spice up your life?  Are you missing out on life while you are waiting on others?  What if you didn't wait on the right person, season, or to fit into those old jeans again to get out on the town and boogie down?  Maybe you've always wanted to take an art class or learn to make sushi.  Well what's stopping you?  Decide to do it and then make your plans.  Those that matter will be there even if it is just you.  The only person you really need to show up is yourself in any case.  So paint the town red, magenta, or electric blue if it fancies you.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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