Sunday, October 19, 2014

Handling the Hierarchy

Greetings all,

This week was a blend of wonderful and maddening in a way I really can't quite put into words.  In fact some of this week will pop up in future blog topics.  Sometimes when events are intense I don't always write about them immediately, I allow them to marinate for a bit.  After I have some perspective on the flavor  then I can pull them apart and analyze them.  Perspective really is what this blog is all about.

So I will focus on something I have encountered in multiple engagements in the past, hierarchy.  The power structure and all its incarnations suffuses our lives.  It can be so confining particularly if you are a bit of an oddball like myself.  There simply isn't a slot shaped for me to fit into.  This not fitting in however is what led me to seek something beyond myself, to seek magic and the path of spirit.  In this space of infinite possibility and wonder I thought I had escaped the hierarchical power struggle that rages on in our world.  Well you know naivety is as good a teacher as any, if not necessarily a gentle one.

Having been mostly self taught for the first half of my magical meanderings I managed to steer clear of most of the politics (yes there are magical politics and if you think normal politics is ugly you have no idea).  I have been involved in two different magical groups in the past both of which ended in quite a sour state.  I have had several teachers of various metaphysical subjects, as well as those who thought I needed them as a teacher.  I am very picky about teachers and I have fired several.  The firing has always amounted to someone wanting to control me and decide for me what my energy could be allowed to do.   I don't want to harp on teachers, good teachers are invaluable they set you free to fully embody the amazing spirit that you are.  They sit with you not above you.

In the metaphysical world so many people are scrambling for some sort of title.  I myself have collected a few which to me sound utterly ridiculous when I start listing them.  My goal has been for the past several years to be my own Authority.  I don't want to ask permission to follow what my spirit and guides tell me.  The teachers I have always urge me as well as others to look to their own guidance.  We sit in a circle, every point in the circle is necessary for it to exist.  The symbolism of the circle is everything a hierarchy isn't.  All are one, all are respected and equally important.  If you think someone in the circle is not as valid then you can be sure it is your ego at work and not your spirit.  Ego loves hierarchy especially when it can sit on top.

So how does this apply to you?  Well are you getting lost in the chinks of the hierarchical machine?   Are you sizing up everyone and ranking them?  Are you giving your own authority away to someone with a title?  Are you playing king of the mountain with your life?  What if you assessed integrity rather than authority?  Now I don't want you to think there isn't room for experts in life, because there is, but how many of the people ruling your life are actual experts?  Try it out see people arranged in a circle instead of a pyramid.  How does that change your responses?

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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  1. Beloved Thomas,
    This is such a key issue for me. I find myself to be one that both wants to be in charge and wants my circle. Can I have my cake and eat it too? There are times when I feel some hierarchy is needed but overall I want the function of a circle. Maybe leading and following is a phase to go through. I always wonder if I have come out of mine yet. Thanks for sharing this! I love you!