Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Search

Greetings all,

This week I've taken some time to rest and to think.  Which is a good thing to do from time to time.  Normally I'm off taking on five projects at once.  As I have refocused lately on how I feel about myself and how to treat myself a bit better the notion of love has arisen.

Love is a topic you cannot escape.  Every show, song, or movie seems to have it as the primary element or theme.  Our preoccupation with romance in our art and stories was put into perspective for me in the last few months by someone from far away.  I met a woman from Africa while at work one weekend and during the course of our conversation an interesting fact came up.  Where she was from all the songs and music were about rain and water, because it was scarce and valuable.  She told me when some of the people there heard American music with all the love songs they had wondered if love was scarce here.

Quite a thought isn't it?  Although as I thought about it most of our problems seem to involve a lack of compassion for ourselves or others.  The breakdown of the family and the estrangement in our relationships isolates us.  As human beings we are social creatures.  Community coherence and support actually has measurable health benefits (check out Lynne McTaggart's book The Bond).  When familial relationships falter, our social world has a wound.  That doesn't have to mean our family of origin sometimes it is the family of choice we build with friends and partners.

This wounding is one of the reasons I have focused in the past year on ancestral healing work.  If our connection is damaged we can't fully draw on the wisdom and strength of our ancestors.  By healing a family line old burdens can be lessened or lost entirely.  Sometimes new talents or hidden gifts will be uncovered.  We also learn about love within our families, if we have a problem loving ourselves it most likely started within the family.  This is not a blame game.  Most people do the best they are able, but if they themselves are wounded or don't know how to love themselves it is a pretty tall order for them to demonstrate it for their spouse or children.

So as I was pondering how to find the love within myself something came into my head.  I was a product of love.  My body couldn't exist at all without love.  It was in my very cells.  Now some of you may be thinking, "Well that's great for you Mooneagle, but my parents hate each other."  Here is the thing even if it was just pure lust between your biological parents odds are that somewhere back in the family line there were two people that really did love one another and conceived an ancestor of yours.  It is in all probability much more than just two.  Without that spark of love you wouldn't be here.  Your very genetic structure is dependent on it.  So if we are to find the love we have no further to look than a mirror.  Every cell in our bodies is a result of multiple acts of love.

You may be wondering what this mental exercise has to do with you.  Well do you find yourself in a love deficit?  Do you feel devoid of it?  Do you feel that there is no love within your heart, or maybe that nobody's heart has love for you?  Well snap out of it!  You are a body made up of love.  Your spleen is love, your bones are love, and yes your genitals too.  (Had to mention those fun factories at some point didn't we?)  What if you stopped and just imagined all the lovers in your family's past (maybe go back further than the ones living if you're squeamish).  What if you could feel all of that love from all the prior generations flowing down through you and to the generations to come?  How would that shift your heart?  Try that perspective on and see if it doesn't put a little song in you.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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