Friday, June 6, 2014

Do You Dream?

Greetings all,

As I have moved through my emotions and mires of thought the past few weeks I have noticed a trend. I am not alone in this.  Many people have reported that they are feeling what I am feeling  (or am I feeling what they are feeling, empathy is tricky like that).

There seems to be a disturbance in the force.  Something that we feel has us caught.  The routines of life for some are feeling like chains.   There is a feeling of not getting anywhere but expending great energy in the effort.  In my personal reflections it has felt as though nothing is changing despite several big changes I have made in the past few months.  It is the "feeling" of stuck.   The state of the world seems fixed.  One look at the media will confirm this.  That is what they are there for though, and their words and pictures are only a story.

I have spoken before of the collective dream of humanity.  The dreams we have become the story.  The story becomes the path we walk.  The path we walk becomes our lives.  It is my belief that most of the problems of humanity are not inevitable (well death is…probably), but that they come from poor dreaming.  Starvation is one example.  There is enough food for people to eat, what we lack is the dream to get it to the people who don't have it.  Don't believe me about food?  Consider this, in the US  about 40% of the food goes to waste.  Almost half of our food goes in the garbage.  We also have an obesity epidemic.  Our dream of plenty has become a nightmare for both sides of the bell curve.

You see the term inequality being bandied since the Occupy movement swept through the cities.  This is a change in the story, but not a change in the dream.  The underlying dream is that some people are worthy of the necessities of life and others are not; it has always been and will always be.  That is the dream.  So tell me in your dream who is worthy to eat today?  (I mean the ability to eat not that we should eat some people).  When some people are seen as more worthy than others the dream dictates that our story has winners and losers.

I am lucky I was born into a stable home.  I never went hungry.  There was no civil war raging through my neighborhood.  This safety net allowed me to become educated, devote time to developing my gifts, and be reasonably assured that no one was going to knock down my door in the night and shoot me.  I am in that winner category.  What is sad is that there is another category for billions of others not lucky to be born where I was.

So we need to dream better.  We need to infuse the belief of a better world into our collective dream.  Dreams inspire us and they shape our every action whether we are aware or not.  Think they don't well check out a little campaign called solar roadways.  They are on the crowd funding site  and they are one of the biggest crowd funding campaigns they've ever had.  Their dream is to turn our roads into solar power generators, bringing cheap environmentally friendly power to everyone and helping the economy while they are at it.  Don't think this is a real possibility, dream with me a bit.

So how about you?  What woe of the world either in your own life or larger society has got you down?  What is the underlying dream that is dictating the story and the path of events?  What would happen if you changed your dream?  What if every time you encountered the outcomes of the old dream you started picturing a new, better and more inclusive dream?  What if when you saw someone acting to live that dream you helped them just a little?  Dream on it and tell me how the view the world shows you changes.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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