Thursday, April 17, 2014

For the Love of Evil

Greetings all,

Hope you've had a good week.  Spring has been off and on, but now seems to be rolling along once again.  This is the second year of my blog experiment.  Blogging each week  has kept me on the search for good topics.  Every week life shows up with some sort of message or lesson, and I do my best to pay attention to receive and unravel the hidden patterns that lie in wait within my experiences.

When I went up to work at a big psychic fair a few weekends ago I had a very curious experience on my drive.  About midway through my road trip I was passed by a red car going extremely fast.  I was in the right lane and so it zoomed on by in the left without a hitch.  The driving attitude suggested that I was not noticed.  I felt completely ignored by this speed demon.  (You'll laugh in a minute at that).  I had just enough time to catch the license plate on the sports car.  It had a vanity plate and it read "EVIL."  It was a bizarre moment.  I felt like I had been completely under the radar for that car, and I thought, "Evil passed me by and didn't even know I was there."  I took it as a good omen for the trip.
Some would call it coincidence, but I seem to get an awful lot of those from license plates.

Good and evil have quite a standing in our culture.  We see them locked in an eternal struggle in our myths, our movies, and in our own minds.  I'm beginning to think that good doesn't fight with evil though.  Evil can't conceive of good and vice versa.  This is not to say that bad things don't happen, they do.  However the idea of fighting fire with more fire (or in some cases firepower) is mostly counterproductive.  I've spoken before of anger being a signpost on the way to awakening.  Anger can be a very revealing experience as our perceptions conflict with situations that are out of balance.  The anger tells us that something here is not working.  However it is the start of change any meaningful and balanced change must be made in a state that is not in anger otherwise we end up creating more problems than we solve.

In Andean Shamanism the concept of good and evil is quite different.  There is not good and evil, or even light and darkness, there is lightness and heaviness.  Heaviness is caused by being out of harmony in a relationship (with the self, family, society or earth).  When we are not in right relation we create an energy called hucha (pronounced hoocha)  that weighs us down.  It makes us more tired, stressed, cranky, sick, and sometimes cruel.  When someone in that cultural understanding does something hurtful to others they aren't called bad they just are carrying a lot of hucha.  The medicine people eat the hucha to restore balance in a person, they then send it down into the earth and bring back light sweet energy.  The nastier someone is the more hucha they have and the more in need of healing and love they are.  It is paradoxical because these people are the hardest to love.  This is probably why in the Bible it talks about loving your enemy.  (Yes I know it makes me want to vomit too).  When people go too long without love or healing they become more and more destructive which of course creates more hucha for everyone.  When we counter violence with more violence we create more hucha.  I am not advocating allowing violence to continue I am saying when we attempt to stop it we have to be careful to not add anymore of that heavy energy into the equation.

I was having a conversation with a client today about hucha.  Somehow or other the income inequality in our country came up.  They started talking about the "1%"  and how they needed to be taken down.  Now on emotional level I completely get that, but from the level of spirit all I could see was how much they needed healing and to let go of all the hucha they were carrying.  Truly the only way we can deal with the challenges our world faces is to work together rather than to continue to tear at each other like carnivores fighting over a carcass.  (Remind me of this when I get on one of my rants about corporate power).

So how does this apply to you?  Well is there someone that you are viewing as the "villain".  What would happen if you just viewed them as someone in need of healing?  Would you still take their treatment as personal?  Would you be able to detach from their energy easier?  I'm not telling you to tolerate abuse, but when you are not in eminent danger from it perhaps realizing it is the hucha they are carrying rather than anything about you personally that is the cause may help you stop dancing to the tune of victim and villain.

Peace and Blessings,

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