Friday, February 7, 2014

What it takes

Greetings all,

A few weeks ago I did a post about how I combined the various teachings, trainings, and experiences into my practice.  One of my teachers had asked me to write about that.  Afterwards we talked and I said that wasn't everything, but I doubt they could live in my head for any length of time with their sanity intact.

Here is what I mean by that, people see what I do now and think that's awesome I want to do that!  They want a single book to read or a class to take to be able to do what I do.  Well there is a price to everything.  I told my teacher that very few people would be willing to pay the price I have for what I do.  No I didn't sell my soul wash any silly notions like that out of your heads.  I paid in coin, time, tears, blood, and sweat.

Let's start with coin since that is what most people value or can easily understand.  For reiki attunements I spent around $600 (modest in some circles).  I spent about $2800 in shamanic training classes.  I spent about $2500 in seminars for matrix energetics (travel included in expense).  I also do use my art in some of my work so let's total that up as well,  I've spent about $4500 on workshops,  a good $3000 or more on supplies and equipment (a very modest estimate).  As far as metaphysical supplies over the years it is probably around $500 (again low ball estimate).  Let's add that up  it comes out to be $13,900.  There is of course website expenses, office rental and office furniture which adds another $6000 or so to the mix.  So close to $20,000.  (Forgot tai chi I took that for 7 years before I ever taught a class so bump it up to over $20,000).  That's certainly chump change when compared to other careers, but most other careers have a bit more built in security as well.  

As far as the cost in time I got most people beat.   I started young very young.  I have been reading for people since I was fourteen.  I read for people for no cost for over ten years, and I did hundreds of readings (perhaps thousands I was in demand in high school and for parties).  How many of you would like to do a 10 year unpaid internship with hundreds of hours when people call you at their worst and want you to help them?  I probably did at least 50 hours of free reiki between my first and second attunement, and about 100 hours between my second and master attunement.  I've done dozens of free consults about haunted or possessed places, I have done about 50 hours of house clearings over the years.  I did about 6 years of personal work with faery energy before I ever offered any sort of services related to them.  I did about 30 hours or more of free matrix work before opening my site.  I spend about an hour a week writing for the blog (another hour writing in general).  I post a video a month which takes another hour with setup shooting and editing.  I journey every week, and perform ceremony every week.  I practice either yoga or tai chi on a daily basis.  I do meditate if not everyday then about every other day.  The point is I put I lot of time into what I do (not counting any of the time that goes towards artwork or planning of work).

Tears and blood is it now.  In my journey to become what I am I passed through different metaphysical and occult groups.  As I was younger and less experienced I didn't always have the best judgment when it came to magical people.  I assumed they were like me and just wanted to create better lives.  This of course means I have seen a lot of the darkest stuff you can imagine.  I survived even though at one time that was not likely.  If you pursue this type of work you will meet the dark.  You will meet the malicious.  I am not exaggerating.  I have had cars flung at me.  I have had something try to take control of my steering wheel.  I have been awakened by spirits that have tried to rip my soul out of my body.  I have been cursed, attacked, and stalked.  I have also until very recently been given little to no respect.  People in our society are very skeptical and who can blame them.  I've met the charlatans too.  Many assume I'm a fraud or that I'm just naive and actually believe my own hype.  For those that know me they're aware that I am one of my biggest doubters.  Also try telling your family what you do and see if you garner much approval there.  Try dating go ahead just try.  I came to this path as a pariah it was not a fun ride (it is getting more enjoyable now 20 plus years in thankfully).

Sweat okay more symbolically than actual sweat (I work in a climate controlled space most of the year except when I glaze pottery).   I have at any one time 3 jobs.  A part time job to pay for insurance,  my healing practice(teaching too), and my artwork.  It is fair to say I stay busy.  I mean right now on top of that I'm also writing a book.  Now if you become very popular and widely known and start to speak at events you can make a very comfortable living.  However if you are honest you have to turn down some of those opportunities to remain in integrity.

So why am I telling you all this?  Well in part because over the years I've gotten a lot of questions about how to instantly do everything I do by reading a book or taking a class.  You see the results of decades of effort and think that it all just happened on its own.  I would never dissuade someone from following a magical or spiritual path, but I wouldn't want them to think it is all hearts and rainbows.  Is it worth it?  Well I'm here aren't I.  Ask yourself is the thing you desire to be that you see in another what you want?  Are you prepared to do all that you need to become that?  Is that who you really are?  I can tell you if it wasn't truly in me to be this I would never ever have put in the work to become what I am still becoming.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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