Friday, February 28, 2014

Slow and Steady

Greetings all,

The time between posts just seems to be shorter and shorter to me.  I do my best to keep up and have good topics for you each week.  The amount of writing I've had to do this past year has been enormous.  Still all the blogging has been very good for me as far as getting my thoughts organized and holding up a mirror to my consciousness.  I've had to pay closer attention to my life and my thoughts and feelings if for no other reason than they might make good fodder for a post.  This post rather than thematic like most will be more about what I've been up to.

At the beginning of last year when I journeyed to my upper world teacher I was told for 2013 I should build my business and clientele up.  So that is where I put my focus I was also told that in 2014 I would start writing my first book.  True to my guidance (my teacher has the annoying habit of always being right) I began in January on the journeywork for my book.  I have the title now I am just busy gathering all the information.  This book will be a shamanic experience of the runes of the futhark.  I've used runes for a number of years in readings with clients.  I like using them because it was the faeries that taught me to read them.  (A topic for another post certainly.)  A few years back one of my teachers (in this world) had said they had journeyed with a friend to all the runes.  I had never heard of doing that and thought what a brilliant idea, and I even did a few journeys with friends to the runes.  The similarities and the insights revealed were amazing, but I never did get more than a few of the journeys done.

Flash forward to a year or two ago when the idea that doing the whole alphabet of the runes as a book of shamanic journeys came to me, but I put it on the back burner.  I knew when I had thought of it that it was something I had to commit to.  Well after the journey this January to the first rune of the alphabet I was blown away.  I had wanted to deepen my relationship and understanding of the runes and this was certainly living up to that expectation.  I even told a few friends that if no one but me ever read this book it would be worth writing it.  I was learning that much out of the experience.

There are 24 runes in the futhark alphabet divided into 3 sets of 8.  My original plan had been to do one rune journey a week.  They were very powerful journeys and I always feel like my mind has been blown wide open.  I started to calculate that 24 runes would be almost half the year just to do the journeys.  I started to get impatient.  I thought maybe I should do 2 or 3 a week.  I even thought of doing more than that.  I was able to do 2 for a week or so, but I felt that the journeys were much harder to get into.  For some reason I was rushing it, like a homework assignment.  There was no explanation behind it.  I didn't have a publisher's deadline.  I hadn't signed a contract.  What had been an exciting exploration of the mysteries of the runes had become a chore, pushing all my other spiritual research aside in favor of expediency.  So today after my rune journey I decided to go back to doing just one a week.  There is no need to hurry quality, quality speaks for itself.

So what about you?  Are you rushing something that doesn't have to be done right this minute?  Are you hurrying through a process rather than enjoying the slow development it can bring?  What do you think you'll miss if you aren't in such a rush?  What would happen if you slowed down?  What else might come through to you in the less cluttered time bubble around you?  Ask yourself these questions and then take a bit of time to experience the answers.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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