Thursday, January 16, 2014

The More You Know

Greetings all,

I hope you are having a great week.  I am doing much better now that we are done with the polar vortex for a bit.  Last week's post was a very long one comparatively.  Still it was only a glimpse of what I do in a session.  It was simplified for ease of understanding.  I talked with my teacher about it and she was pleased.  As I told her it was just a dipping a toe into the river.  I'm not sure I could totally explain what I do and leave your sanity intact.

That said I had another interesting conversation this week with a fellow traveler on the roads of spirit and energy.  I have been studying more about how energetic healing methods work.  Yes I continue to study and do my best to upgrade my skills and practices.  There is a book called Life Force the Scientific Basis, it is volume 2 in the Synchronized Universe series by Claude Swanson.  It is an extremely dense book full of detailed scientific studies of energy healing and systems, from pranic healing and qi gong masters, to acupuncture.  What is interesting about all this is that I was reading through the chapter on acupuncture when I realized that the information presented was almost identical to some I had received on a shamanic journey to my upper world teacher over six months ago.  This was an incredible validation for me and it also increased the dimension of my understanding seeing the material covered in a scientific framework.

With all this new awareness though it hasn't changed the basis of my practice.  I may grasp a bit more of the underpinnings, but it is still all about guidance and awareness.  As I told my friend whether it is channeling energy like Reiki, bringing in shamanic spirit work, or shifting the quantum field around an issue, what matters is the space in which our energy rests.  It is about creating the sacred container for whatever will manifest in a session.  The same results can be achieved from any method or path.  Those are the embellishments.  Creating the space to allow and to be guided is what truly matter.

So I take my new understanding and basically just try to be in the awareness that there is more going on than I can know.  I try to dwell in the space of mystery and possibility.  That is the thrust of my studies, to seed my consciousness with information that allows more to be.

How about you?  How do you use information?  Is it the directive?  Does it form the scaffolding of your life?  Is the information you accumulate the treasure, or is it merely a pathway to undiscovered treasure?  How do you use information?  Is it to accumulate knowing, or is it to accumulate awareness of what is unknown to you?  I had a dream character tell me I had no idea of what I didn't know.  I couldn't conceive of the myriad possibilities.  Information can be a door to knowing, but it is the door to the unknown that contains the riches we seek.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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