Saturday, December 14, 2013

Time skipped

Greetings everyone,

I am happy to report that I have completed all my holiday shopping.  It is time to breathe a big sigh of relief and try to get some much needed relaxation infused into my life right before holiday madness descends on us all.

I've been noticing a curious thing the past few months.  Time has not quite behaved itself.  It's been moving around, expanding, and contracting.  My first real experience of time dilation was the Day of the Dead when I made my midnight ride.  I moved through that drive in almost half the time it should have taken.  I've also had time contract on me particularly when I am working on making something.  That is nothing new time has always run away with me when I have done creative work.  My perception of it alters which is a right brained phenomena.

This past week or so though someone else has noticed the time around me going all wonky. (Wonky being the technical term for a very timey whimey occurrence).  I swim three times a week as part of my fitness routine.  It helps keep me sane and on somewhat of a normal schedule.  My sister swims with me twice a week.  Now we swim at different rates she is steadier pace and can go longer but I swim a bit faster.  Lately during my swim my sister asks me what lap I am on and when I answer she is dumbfounded.  Apparently even though she usually starts a few minutes before me I end up being almost even or ahead of her after a few minutes in the water.  Now I know what you're thinking, that I just swim faster.  However by observation I don't swim that much faster.  In fact I did a little experiment on the day that I swam alone.  I checked the clock right before I got in the water swam my 20 laps and then got out.  Maybe 16 minutes had passed, but it was noticeably under 20.  I kept count carefully still it was unreal that I had swam a kilometer in under 20 minutes.  Not that it can't be done.  It's just that I wasn't winded, I didn't have anything close to a grueling pace if anything I thought I had been quite leisurely.

So what exactly was going on?  The only thing I can lay my mind on is that while I swim I also mentally chant mantras.  It helps to focus me and keeps my mind from dwelling on worries or get caught up in a daydream.   I was definitely swimming my intended distance,  but I was doing it easily without rush and still finishing before others who are either swimming at similar speeds or are going even faster.  

So why do I mention this to you?  Have I finally run out of topics for the blog?  Well first I write about what catches my attention and this has.  It raises interesting questions about time.  Also this month I have revisited healing across time with a new and improved healing the past video.  I've also been working with ancestral healing for people.  So I have been playing in the sphere of time.  Perhaps it has had a side effect of making time a bit more subjective than it usually is.  It could also be that time is not as fixed as we think it is, maybe by playing in it so much my own perception filters of time have been broadened allowing more configurations of how time fits in my life.  Maybe time like all other things is not a thing at all but a mode of consciousness, a lens of understanding.  If we refocus the lens what we see is different.

In this season of holiday tasks, celebrations, and sometimes obligations it might be pertinent to contemplate our perception of time.  Maybe we should rethink time.  What if time listens? What if time could be your friend and ally?  What would happen if you arrived before you departed how might that affect your understanding of the world?  What if we could approach time in a sense of focused wonder?   Think on it this week as we head into a turning point on the scale of seasonal time.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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