Thursday, October 17, 2013

Prosperity or Abundance?

Greetings all,

As I sit typing out this blog post a steady rain is falling outside the picture window in the house where I am staying this week.  The leaves are in the middle of their turning here and the next cross quarter day is coming up in two weeks.  I've been pondering the seasons and the nature of the cycles, how it affects my energies as well as humanity as a whole.

I've done a lot of work on abundance over the past few years.  I've seen good results, but that ease still sometimes eludes me.  I got to thinking about prosperity because we say a lot about manifesting abundance.  What I learned when I did all the work to prepare for my abundance download was that abundance was inside of  us already.  It was written into our very genes and the genes of all biological organisms.  Nature is abundant.  The thing about nature is not all the fruits are ripening at the same time.  It is the same with opportunities, not all chances are present at every moment.  Sometimes it really is a "if you call now" moment (to borrow a phrase from infomercials).

So I started thinking about prosperity more.  I may not have it right, but it is a theory I am working on.  Abundance is present in the universe by default.  Lack is something man made (at least that is what my guides tell me).  I began theorizing that prosperity is how we manage the abundance of life.  Think about it if you have a huge crop but don't harvest, it will rot in the fields.  If you have weeks to complete a project but don't start till a few days before the deadline and fail to complete it, then it wasn't the lack of time it was how you managed it.

For myself it has been about how I manage my time and talents as well as where I put my efforts in letting people know what I do.  As I have become more consistent and focused I have been rewarded with more.  It's almost as if the Universe has a safety mechanism built in.  It sees I am handling what I have already and then adds more to the mix.  I have to take what I do seriously or no one else will (not too seriously of course because I wouldn't be the Mooneagle if I was too serious).  Using the tools I have adeptly makes that abundance multiply and that is when I prosper.  To simplify, abundance is the energy and prosperity is how I use it.  If I manage to use it wisely then it feeds back on itself keeping the system running with excess energy.

Again I am not sure this is the "truth" if such a thing even exists, but it is an interesting idea to ponder.  It is like the Temperance card in tarot.  I often interpret that card as having all the ingredients you need to create a solution or overcome a challenge.  The raw materials and opportunities exist around us.  The first step is waking up to the fact of abundance the next step where so many of us struggle is learning to use what is in ourselves to channel that abundance.

So how can you apply this?  Good question I am so glad you asked.  Look around you.  What are your resources?  What are your talents?  (Don't say you have none that is hogs wash).  What knowledge do you possess?  How can you apply what you have and know to change?  What if you knew you had all the tools and materials you needed to build a new life?  How would that change your approach?  Do leave comments and feedback as this theory is still a work in progress.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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