Saturday, October 12, 2013

On Delay

Delay on,

Hello everybody it seems this week has had the universe teaching me patience and trust.  At least that was the lesson plan.  I'm pretty sure I bombed the pop quiz.  I got upset and went into fear and those dark places in my head.  There are some pretty chancy neighborhoods found behind my eyes.

It started with my youtube channel finally approved to receive ad revenue (thank you loyal viewers).  Within twelve hours of that I had 2 or more copyright notifications sent to me about some background music (white noise to drown out household sounds).  After a few hours of sheer panic that I might lose my channel I ended up taking down a handful of videos (some proactively and now it turns out unnecessarily)  that set me back about 14,000 views so now it will be a few months to be back where I was in the view ratings.  I had clients delay sessions or cancel for rescheduling.  (Guys if  you haven't heard back from me yet I haven't forgotten I am on the road).  Then of course there was yesterday's 3 hour trip to ULE which turned into a 6 hour slog with detour after detour.

I'd like to say through my delays I've kept a level head, breathed deeply, and trusted the universe's time table.  I'd like to say that but I have been on an emotional roller coaster the past week.  I was very snippy with people yesterday while trapped on the interstate.  (It might have something to do with the fact that I needed to goto the bathroom and I also hadn't had any lunch).  What was really highlighted for me was how poorly I reacted when things didn't go the way I wanted or had planned them.  I mean I was such a little brat.  Then I was annoyed at myself for acting that way which made it worse.

Looking back there are a few silver linings which I was hard pressed to realize in the heat of the moment.  With my videos I now have the opportunity to record new ones on some of the old subject matter.  I've grown a lot in the 4 years since I jumped on the youtube band wagon.  So there will be new and improved videos about playing with time and entropy.  Good news for you, but still kind of a bummer for the lost views for myself.  The clients that needed a reschedule gave me extra time I needed to prepare for my trip and a bit of breathing space.  My detours and delays on the road may have actually saved my life.  I started an hour later than I intended and the road ahead had been closed due to a very serious accident.  For all I know,  if all had gone as I had planned I could have been a roadside casualty.

So what about you?  How does this apply to you?  Have you been experiencing delays or obstacles in your path?  Have you moved with it or have you resisted?  Have you just relaxed into trust in the moment allowing things to unfold?  If you haven't been the most accepting of what is don't worry just notice and see what other options the universe is dangling in front of you.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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  1. I just found you on YouTube, and now your blog. Can I say how nice it is when someone who is walking their talk also admits to their challenges. I tend to be suspect when anyone is so 'enlightened' and connected that nothing as mundane as no lunch and a traffic jam could rattle them. We're in human bodysuits and no food and high stress will easily push our Tantrum button. My entire last year has been one of "wait", which is not to say I haven't learned a lot or processed a lot. But, the trajectory of my life did not shoot forward in the way I wanted and I've had a lot of sit and spin, sit and meditate, sit and worry - lather, rinse, repeat time. A teacher of mine said once that we are like electrical sockets - we can pull a lot of energy through but we can't be ON all the time or we burn out. I suspect life is a lot like taking on a new fitness routine - we may not see the results all the time, but changes are happening nevertheless.
    I appreciate your writing and videos and look forward to checking out more.