Friday, September 6, 2013

Romance and Mystery

Greetings all,

When I told one of my teachers what the name of this blog post was going to be they asked me if I had fallen in love.  I have not, at least not in the traditional sense of the phrase.  I have been feeling a deep call in my heart these past few months.  Although if I am honest it really started last fall when I was on the road.  The call of magic and mystery was upon me.  Since then it has only increased the longing in my heart to experience even deeper more profound mysteries.

In some indigenous American cultures the Creator is referred to as the Great Spirt or Great Mystery.  While I am not myself a member of any Native American tribe I've always liked that idea.  It has a great resonance for me.  As children so many things are mysteries or magical.  Our walk through the world inspires wonder and delight.  (For those of you who didn't have that experience it is never too late to have a happy childhood).  What I love about referring to the Divine as a Mystery is that it leaves a lot open.  It covers both the personal aspect of a being that wishes to love us, and also all the wonders that we don't quite understand.  It invites us into a sense of the sublime,  that uncharted nature of the feeling of mystery where we know something is going on, but we aren't sure quite what, is so important in taking us beyond the fields that we know into a larger and if we so choose more magical world.

As I have been connecting with people in the past year I have realized I am not alone in this yearning.  Many people are feeling the call.  They want to taste magic.  They want to touch it, feel it and see it.  What I have also noticed is that many people are not wanting to put the work into it.  They want Mystery on Demand. I've ranted before about the perils of wanting something quick and easy when it relates to spirits and magic so I won't repeat that now. What I will say is why would Mystery want to experience you?

This is not a judgment by the way.  I am saying one of the effects of experiencing Mystery is a profound change in the self.  If you're  not willing to change why would Mystery visit?  You are sending off a signal of "That's alright I don't need you, but could you do a few parlor tricks for me this evening."  I have been thinking of it like having a romance.  If you were trying to attract or keep a desirable partner you'd take care of yourself wouldn't you. You'd watch your hygiene, your manners,  and handle your personal affairs in a way to minimize drama.  You wouldn't just hang out on the couch watching TV eating garbage and expect to date the man or woman of your dreams.  (People that are easily offended should be aware this is a metaphor and has nothing to do with perceived standards of physical attractiveness).  You'd expect to put some effort into courting that certain someone.  You may join a gym, learn a new skill or take up a new hobby.  You might be really brave and learn to dance.   So why wouldn't you put the same level of effort into experiencing Mystery.

One of the great realizations in the past year or two for myself was that if I wanted the kind of life I dreamed of, I would have to change to be the type of person who could handle that life.  I would have to have the level of energy to maintain that life, and have the emotional/mental flexibility needed to manage it.  It is natural for us to want more of that elusive wonder.  It takes some effort like any worthwhile relationship.

So what about you?  Have you been longing for more magic, mystery or meaning in your life?  Have you been trying to romance the Mystery into spending time with you, or have you been more interested in the latest gossip?  Do you make time to meditate to improve your mental/emotional hygiene so that you look all sparkly to Mystery?  Are you more interested in getting even, than moving on?  Have you been demanding miracles, while simultaneously not making space in your paradigm for them?  Romancing the Mystery is a full time job, but in my opinion it is the best damn job to have.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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