Friday, June 7, 2013

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Greetings all,

This blog post topic came to me in the bathroom, where all truly great ideas seem to come from.  The topic itself has absolutely nothing to do with the bathroom really, but I find it amazing how many ideas run through my head in the shower or bath (or yes even on the toilet).

I was reminded about how much we define ourselves by what we align with or oppose.  In Bill Whitcomb's book , The Magician's Companion (an excellent metaphysical resource),  he has listed several axioms for the would be magician.  One that has always stuck with me as important is this, "That which you oppose you uphold."  This is interesting in that many people take up causes against something.  According to this axiom to be against something helps sustain it.

Our relationship with anything helps us define ourselves, as well as whatever we are relating to.  This can be either liberating or imprisoning.  Think about some of the negative events of your life,  for some people one event may forever haunt them or keep them from growing out of a box.  However, others use it as a rallying cry to experience something different and greater in themselves and in their lives.  It really is all in how we relate to the event.

You are wanting an example yes?  Well here is one takes me back a ways.  In the aftermath of September the 11th I recall being overwhelmed by emotion.  I felt the sadness and the deep anger for what had happened.  I also recall being rather disturbed by that anger.  I recall one moment breaking down in tears and praying that I would be part of the solution not the problem.  That year I became more serious about my spiritual path and using my gifts less selfishly.  That is one instance of an impersonal event (by impersonal I mean I wasn't there when it happened nor did I know anyone directly who experienced it).  There are also personal moments for instance deciding to respect yourself rather than stay with abusive people.  The power is in the relation, do we make a decision on how to define ourselves or do we let events do that for us.

I am not saying that tragedy is something that should just be used to pull us up by our boot straps.  I am saying that how we relate to the events of our lives is just as important (in many cases more so) than the events themselves.  If you have ever had something you said taken out of context by someone and had your intent misread you know how important how we perceive and relate to what happens is.  So ask yourself how do you relate to the events in your life?  Do you follow a pattern?  Is it different for what you deem personal and impersonal?  Do you judge yourself by what has occurred in your life?  Do you judge your responses?  What would happen if you looked at how you were relating to the events (and people) of your life?  Does this change the story of your life?  Let me know.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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