Thursday, May 23, 2013

Requirements: Fun & Frolic

Greetings all,

Let me tell you what I've been struggling with over the past few months.  I've been manifesting more and more of my goals.  This is wonderful, but the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction quickly fade.  I've realized I am not sure what it is I actually want.  I mean I have the same concerns about day to day expenses and making sure I'll be able to take care of myself, but beyond that I have lacked a coherent vision of my life.

Many of you might similarly feel lost lately.  You may also be thinking, "If I get that or achieve that, then what?"  I'm right there with you, and being closer on some of my goals has made me reevaluate what I thought would make me happy.  Now don't worry I'm not going anywhere I still intend to keep doing the work I do now.  I've begun to feel however that doing the work I love is not enough for a full meaningful life.  No offense to my clients I love working with you guys, but I can't be working all the time.  I noticed that I really have only envisioned one aspect of my life and that is career.

One of my favorite quotes comes from a book called the Runes of Elfland by Brian Froud and Ari Berk.  It goes, "Work, work for a single hand will but little work command."  Basically we can accomplish little on our own.  In my case I know only one thing for certain about what I want.  Fun is no longer to be considered a luxury.  Fun is a requirement.  In our culture and particularly at this time in history we seem to think fun is only for the children (simultaneously as we cut out art, recess, music, and PE from their schools), adults have to be serious and do their duty.

Now I am not suggesting we all quit our jobs and let the kiddies fend for themselves.  What I am suggesting is that we are missing out on life if all we do is work.  We need to have meaningful and enjoyable social connections.  In Lynne McTaggart's book, The Bond,  she talks about social relations and how we are geared towards community.  Studies suggest that it has a significant impact on our health.  It is not an extra, but something we require to be at our best physically and mentally.  Having fun is a way to create and sustain social bonds between people.  So when I create a vision of my life it needs to include fun as part of the picture.

How about you?  Is fun not on your priorities list?  Do you think you have to do it all by yourself?  Where's your community and do you enjoy the quality of it?  Do you think fun is something that requires vast amounts of wealth to do?  Do you think you'll have time for fun when you retire, finish school, or find the right partner? Maybe it is time for you to let your hair down and have a little time for some quality social bonding, and of course have a little fun too.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagley

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