Friday, April 26, 2013

The Price of Magic

All magic comes with a price, or so I've heard.  That's been a popular saying since Once Upon a Time hit the airwaves last year with trickster Rumplestilskin.  I tend to agree with that for the most part, but as with all things Disney it's been oversimplified.  Magic is not simply muttering the right words, or gathering the right ingredients.  One definition of magic is:  the art of causing change in the self or the world through the use of will.  (In my words using intent to cause change...people tend to confuse will with willpower).

So what about magic words you say?  Well words are often the outward guide of intent.  When you order food in a restaurant  it is your words that determine what meal you receive.  Yes I know you want to know about "magic" words not everyday communication.  Well imagine you're on a date with someone you really like (dare I say love), but they aren't lit up yet like you are pretending not to be.  Here the abracadabra of dating would be the pick up line.  Like incantations they are rote and rhythmical and just about as effective.  Why?  They lack any soul or originality, and they turn feelings into a game of clever double speak. The real magic words would be the words that help that person feel the same about you as you do about them.  (Hint: open sesame does not work and casts dispersions as to your intentions).

The price of magic is usually time and effort.  It certainly requires paying attention to both the world within you and the world outside of you.  It is particularly important to notice the connections between the two.  I was recently talking to someone about the Law of Attraction, and they expressed their doubts that simply imagining receiving checks would cause their fortunes to change.  Personally I haven't tried it, imagining checks coming in the mail to me for one is kind of boring I can't get excited about it.  What I told them is that by keeping a positive mindset and focus on abundance often makes you more aware of the opportunities around you, and therefore you're more likely to take advantage of them.  I can't tell you how many times I've looked back and just been surprised about how much more I could have accomplished if I had just had a different outlook.

Another toll on the road to magical adventure is being self aware and reflective.  Most of us are projective in nature.  We see other people's part in things but not our own (well we see the parts we're proud of).  We don't take responsibility for ourselves.  So often when people want magic it's to banish away a problem without having to do anything, change, or look at themselves.  I call this the vending machine approach to magic, "I say these words on the full moon and light a green candle and my boss will like me from now on."  People want the whole universe to rearrange itself around the current whims of their ego, but might be unwilling to set aside a few minutes a day for silent contemplation or deep breathing, and then get upset because the "magic" didn't work.  Well they didn't really put in any effort did they.  This is the reason diet pills are so successful (monetarily not in actual results), because they promise results without people changing how they eat or their activity levels.  Those few that actually do that generally do so in dangerous ways that are harmful to the body.  Magic that causes that kind of change without the person putting in any effort or risk can often carry the same risk usually to the spirit.

That last line of the previous paragraph got you thinking, "Aha so there is a shortcut!"  There is a shortcut yes, but it goes through some really bad neighborhoods.  Spirits that will do the heavy lifting for you are of dubious character.  Most spirit guides do just that they guide you and give advice.  They are your back up not your workforce.  When I go talk to guides about a problem I usually get homework.   I currently have more homework than I ever did when I was in college.  Trust me do your own work, or you'll be paying me a lot of money to clean up the mess later.  (I really mean a lot of money, piles and piles to clean up that mess).

So why do it?  Well it does require time, effort, and self reflection, but it also can be fun, freeing, and wonderful.  Haven't you ever enjoyed a task that took a lot of effort?  Also some things take a lot of effort to learn and then become easy, like riding a bike or swimming.  I do a lot of things that take a lot of effort to do initially, but then bring continual returns.  When you work with magic you get to peer  under the hood of the Universe.  It does require you to be willing to change and grow.  Magic is a living thing and it can only grow in proportion to your growth.  The work that I do, I do because I love it.  The effort and time required for it would be too much if I didn't love this work.  So are you willing to pay the price of magic?  Are you willing to make changes?  Are you willing to learn new skills?  Are you willing to look within and be honest about what you see?  Are you willing to not simply accept the reality that the mainstream will hand feed to you?  If you are willing to do these things then you have paid your price, now come aboard we've got a carpet ride to get to.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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