Thursday, April 11, 2013

I see you

Greetings everyone,

I am in a rush today typing this blog before I hit the road.  It has been a week of travels for me.  I am currently hovering around the Cleveland area.  I leave today for Dayton.  It is good to get out and about now that I am not worried so much about getting caught in an ice storm (although a few months back getting caught in one was probably one of the best things to happen to me).

This past weekend I was working at the Victory of Light psychic fair in Cincinnati.  It is a quite large one and thousands of people come through the doors looking for the magic.  Some find what they are looking for, and some find even what they weren't looking for either.  Saturday morning we drove down to the convention center and the hint of spring in the air had me feeling well a bit mischievous.  So I donned my horns.  You're thinking, "Did he say horns?"  Yes I did.  I got them last spring at a huge faery festival when I went out to Baltimore to see clients and help a friend on their book tour.  I love these things too, they are just so adorable.  They are not devil horns, they twist a bit like little baby satyr horns and are a dark purple.  On occasion I have worn them to my workplace.  The funny thing is that many people don't even see the horns during the day.  When the sun goes down they tend to notice them more.

Well if you ever decide to wear horns to a psychic fair be prepared to be noticed.  Everywhere I went that day (when I was away from the booth for breaks) people noticed me.  Most were amused, some where shocked, and others were wondering if they were seeing things.  It probably didn't help that when people remarked on my horns I tended to say, "What horns?" (I did say that I was feeling a little mischievous did I not).

The second day of the fair I just wore my healing scarf.  Everyone kept asking about my horns.  It didn't dawn on me until later that day how visible I had become.  I tend to have a habit of fading into the background or blending.  I mean I've people look right at me and not see me.  I was once in a meditation group and had answered a question for somebody and one of the facilitators turned their back for a moment.  When they turned back around again she said, "Where's Thomas?"  She was looking right in my direction too.  It's sort of a natural gift, and one that I have practiced as well.  It can be a good skill to have to get out of a sticky situation.  However it tends to be one of those things that tends to go on automatic if I am not paying close attention.  Which is fine I suppose unless I am trying to promote my services or expand my social circle.

The thing is I had become so comfortable in being invisible or unnoticeable.  It felt safe.  It was familiar.  The treasures of life are rarely found in that space though.  What my horns gifted me with was a way to be noticed.  Do I need them to be noticed?  Probably not, the second day I was noticeable to all sorts of people even those who hadn't seen me horned.  (Insert lascivious horny joke here).  I even had someone recognize me from my YouTube channel.

So what does this have to do with you?  Well many of us are trained to not stand out in any way, just to keep our head down and keep quiet.  However if you want to realize your dreams you have to stand out, you have to shine, you have to dare to be seen.  If you don't your dreams will remain just dreams.  So go on put your horns on (or whatever makes you feel special) and prepare to be seen.  When it is a choice it becomes empowering. Don't be afraid to wear something that says "Look at me."  Just remember when they look at you to look right back and smile.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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