Friday, March 15, 2013

Times they are a changing

Greetings everyone,

It seems as if this past week has just zoomed past me.  Of course we sprang our clocks forward last Sunday so that helped a bit.  The time change.  Twice a year we fool ourselves by trying to pull a fast one on the time.  I don't know about you but my body hasn't been fooled one bit.  It seems this year the time change has hit myself and several other people I know particularly hard.  Is it the increased vibration of the earth's field, or is it that we are tuning in more clearly to our bodies?

A single hour can change your life.  Think of how differently you feel when the time changes.  You're hungry at the wrong time, you can't seem to sleep right, and there is the underlying sensation that something is definitely off.  I am not writing this post as a complaint, but an observation of how delicate our rhythms can be.  We are forced to take a look at them when daylight savings time begins.  For instance, if you are a night owl like me you suddenly find it even harder to get things done and get into bed at anything resembling a reasonable hour.

 Perhaps we can take comfort in our biorhythms in a world hopped up on the idea of constant motion.  Maybe we should give ourselves a little time to adjust.  Change even when it is good puts stress on us.  It is alright to jump right into something, there are times when abrupt departures and a clean slate are exactly what we need.  Though I've noticed we often cut ourselves a little more slack when we make those moves.  We know we don't have it all together and that's okay because it is all new.  What would happen if we gave our self the same kind of consideration when we made small changes?  A series of small changes can lead to a profound transformation.  For me that is how I generally operate, I incorporate something new and let it run for a while before making the next adjustment.

So change one thing.  What one thing would it be?  Start small yet go for something that counts.  Maybe you want to be healthier or appear more fit, so add a walk to your day.  Maybe you'd like more peace , so try five to ten minutes of slow deep breaths every day.  Maybe you'd like to be more social, so make eye contact and smile when you pass by somebody.  Maybe you change a thought, just one to something that makes you feel better about you and your place in the world.  Try it out see what happens.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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