Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Return

Greetings everyone,

I foolishly told people this week I'd be writing a post about the return of the Divine Masculine.  Yes you read that last sentence correctly.  Before you start flaming my comment thread let me explain a little.

The Divine Masculine is not the same thing as the Patriarchy.  It isn't an angry father figure that loves you while simultaneously tanning your hide for all eternity for disobedience.  It isn't a deity which cherishes only virgins while telling people born without the "correct" genitalia that daddy knows best, while screaming about TRADITION.

I was recently was talking with a friend of mine about the patriarchy and why it needs to die...soon, tonight if possible.  There is a misconception that women are the only ones that are harmed by the patriarchy, not so.  Here is my list of what the patriarchy does to men:  it cuts us off from our emotions,  it narrowly defines what we "should" be interested in (I'm looking at you beer commercials), it sabotages our relationships (you need emotional awareness for that), it tells us that our value is directly dependent on our bank account, it convinces us that our only power is how forceful and destructive we can be, and it shows us that if a woman achieves something that somehow lessens our worth.  Quite simply as men we're taught to not care, and that leaves a big emptiness.

So what is the Divine Masculine?  It is very hard to say given the thousands of years of propaganda on gender roles.  Hence my difficulty in this blog post.  There is a lot being written on awakening the Divine Feminine and honoring that energy in women.  I like that I can totally get into the whole Goddess thing. (No that is not sarcasm or a euphemism).  I've had excellent role models of women in my life embodying the sacred feminine and claiming their power.

So when people talk about the return of the Divine Feminine I got to thinking did she go off by herself for a few millennia?  The conclusion I drew is that she took her boyfriend with her.  Yes The Divine Masculine will be accompanying her back into the consciousness of humanity.  It really made a lot of sense it's yin and yang, you don't have one without the other.  So cosmic mommy and daddy are going to be nudging us in new directions.  So what does it all mean?  For me at least it means I have to examine all the assumed cultural roles.  What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be a woman?  Are these even the right questions?  Why are we so afraid to look below gender to the spirit within?Maybe we should be asking what does it mean to be human?  Who am I?  Did you immediately reference your genitalia status in reference to your identity, do you want that to be what defines you?  We've had the placeholders of masculinity and femininity for thousands of years as convenient (if at times somewhat inaccurate) categories to define ourselves.  They are easy and simple, but the cost of relying on them is that we lose the complexity of the individual.  The Divine Masculine in me seems to be a Trickster he wants to stir things up.  He wants to make you have to think.  (Don't worry he makes me do it too....homework again bleh).

Well ladies and gents I hope I've given you something to think about.  I hope you aren't too offended.  I also hope that you start to look at things beneath the level of gender to see the people we all are within our own hearts.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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