Friday, October 5, 2012

The Frequency of Gratitude

The talk of gratitude is all over the metaphysical and new thought logo sphere these days.  It seems teachers are always talking about gratitude.  Many of us have a lot of associations that come along with gratitude.  I'd like to talk about the energetic aspect of it, and remove the moral trappings it is often dressed in when spoken about.

The Divine surrounds us and interpenetrates us at all times.  It is constantly stretching out its hands to us in this three dimensional state of being.  It wants to help us.  The Divine consciousness wants us to be happy, but even more so it wants us to be joyful.  To me happiness is a surface emotion, an amusement with the pleasant circumstances we find ourselves in, and that is not to discount the value of happiness, fleeting though it may be.  Those moments carry us through life as bright touchstones and beacons on our soul's journey.  Joy is a deeper feeling it goes all the way down to our core, it's a state of being in the world with a heart on fire with the passion for all the shades of color that life brings to us.  Part of the joyful path is gratitude, and finding fulfillment in the present moment.  Everyday there are many "perfect" moments if we stop to notice and honor them.  It can be the quiet of the twilight on a summer eve, the sound of the wind and snow in the heart of winter, or just the soft pull of music late at night.  All these moments have a gift within them, and they can lead us to that deeper state of joy.

So why don't we feel this way all the time?  Why can't the Universe just set us down into our heart's desire?  Well that pure Divine awareness operates at one end of the spectrum of vibrational frequencies and we operate on another end.  If we want to be reachable we need to be grateful.  I don't mean we need to say thank you (although it is always a good idea and shows good manners) we need to be in the  energetic frequency of gratitude.  That is more than a thank you, it is a feeling of truly valuing and appreciating where you find yourself.  That energy moves our vibration into a band of frequencies that is reachable for that Divine consciousness to embrace and help us.

It doesn't matter how much or how little you have in a particular moment in time.  If you can hold that energy of appreciation you can reach out and touch the infinite "I AM" presence.  When I was at my lowest point in my life and very ill I came to a point where I was able to feel gratitude for every person who had ever been in my life no matter what they had done.  I am still amazed that I reached this state during that time of great suffering.  However after I finished mentally thanking everyone (and feeling it deeply as well) I had a direct experience with the Creator.  The presence was so vast but also within myself and it conveyed love and concern about me.  I was told I was loved and that I was made for a specific purpose (no I wasn't told what that purpose was...spoilers) and that was a huge turning point in my life.

I've been very aware of the help I have received since that time.  The help was always there, but it couldn't reach me because I wasn't in an energetic state that was reachable.  Gratitude is about energy not about manners or obligations.  We cannot recognize the wonders around us unless we carry that energy through our lives.  The frequency of gratitude works miracles because it brings us into contact with the infinite.  Does it bring us everything we, but it will often bring us what we need to grow more fully into our joy.  May it grow more fully with you every day.

Peace & Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle