Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beyond the beyond

It's been a long time since my last post.  I've been traveling a great deal the last two months.  I've gotten to connect with clients in Maryland and Virginia.  I've been to a faery festival in Pennsylvania.  I have begun a shamanic initiation that will be ongoing for the next two years.  So I have had plenty of things to blog about, but as soon as I get ready to write something the next thing comes up.

Right now we are beyond the places that we know.  The energy of this year has been intense and has myself and many others playing catch up.  Lately I feel like I have been at the eye of  a great storm watching events whirl around sending the possibility waves crashing wildly into the lives of those close to me.  I have walked in on a friend being fired, had a coworker break their back, another friend lost their house, other friends considered leaving long term relationships,  and my closest friend suffered a stroke just 3 weeks back.  It has taken me far past the limits of what I thought I knew.

My days have been spent reorganizing as the life that I knew slips away.  That is okay change needed to come.   I was just hoping it would come in a gentler way.  Circumstances have forced me to really move on things in a more assertive and focused manner.  I am looking for an office space to help expand my healing practice.  My travels showed me how much I love working with people face to face, and now I am finally ready to consider myself "worthy" of having a dedicated space to meet with clients.  I have accepted a wholesale order for some of my pottery for the first time.  Just yesterday I had my first interview via blogtalk internet radio.

In the Faery Oracle (one of the divination devices I use) there is a card called the "Topsy Turvets"  this usually appears when people are delayed, there are big obstacles, or life is just plain messy.  They are the universe's demolition/construction crew.  They often say things like "Don't mind us we're just busy rebuilding your life, you may have to take a slight detour just follow the signs."  They remind me of the time we had the kitchen redone, and for 6-8 weeks we had no running water in the kitchen, no floor, no stove, and no counters.  It was a terrible nuisance, but afterwards our kitchen was transformed into a beautiful open space.  So if your life is crazy right now, it is because you are having some remodeling done.  Just think of that kitchen island you've always wanted, and believe that through the mess it awaits you.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

P.S.  If you want to hear my interview the link is below.  (I start about 7 minutes into the program)