Sunday, April 3, 2011

Break out

Greetings everyone, It's been way too long since I last posted. As always I have been keeping busy. I have started my travelling for the year. Mid March saw me in Chicago for a Matrix Energetics seminar. I have taken Level 4 and one day may even understand it. LOL! I met a lot of great people in the holistic field. This was my first trip to matrix without my business partner Leslie. It was odd, but also rewarding because I got to experience just my energy with new people. Part of my deal with any sort of relationship be it friend, business, or romantic partner is the need to have occasional separate adventures. This gives us something to talk about rather than circling the same topics. While I was in Chicago I met up with an old friend and he took me to see Lake Michigan where I connected my mesa. A new cord of energy now runs from my altar to the great lake. I feel like I have made a lot of new cords and ties to good sources. I've even started using a teleconference service to keep up with all my new friends. The past year or so it has dawned on me that I am generally well liked and respected. The truth about that is I have been shocked, amazed, finally very very grateful. For all of you out there who felt they have gone through life feeling unloved and under appreciated buck up because you never know when you will shine. I am someone who was never popular growing up. The fact that I need a teleconference service to keep up with people is a true miracle. The seeds of all this started years back but the total realization that I could be a lovable person came suddenly. Currently I am finishing up projects and getting ready for spring cleaning. I've received my new studio equipment, and have just about finished decoupaging some new shelves. I'm already thinking of travelling this summer to teach workshops, see sacred sites, and visit friends. I am still dumbfounded how things sneak up on our awareness until we realize that we are where we dreamed we would be. In clearing space I have run across old manifestation wish lists and have been pleasantly surprised how many of the wishes have come true. In many ways this has already turned out to be a breakout year. I've gotten new training, new friends, new clients, and I have an accountant (because I actually need one hurray!). Right now I am still unwinding patterns from the past and detoxing, but it is no longer such a drudgery because I know that it will bring increased energy and joy. I've committed to mastering what I have learned and becoming a more effective human being. In this time of rising energies (both scary and enlightening) make sure you get outside to connect with the renewing energies that are flooding through the soil. Peace and Blessings, Thomas Mooneagle

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