Thursday, November 24, 2011


Greetings everyone,

I hope you experienced a blessed day of appreciating your family, friends, and many graces that life has shared with you this past year. For those of you who have felt challenged this year don't be too downcast it has been that way for everyone. If you have eaten today be grateful. If you have a warm coat be grateful. If you have a roof over your head be grateful. If you are healthy and without pain be grateful. It can be easy to focus on what is not right or upsetting in life, but so much more is going on that we take for granted. We race around roads in beasts of metal that carry in their bellies liquid fire and each time we reach our destination without incident is a small miracle.

This year I have been greatly challenged by the fears I have carried and still carry within me. I have come up against my own blocks, and yet there is so much to be grateful for this year. I have acquired new skills and honed others. I have made wonderful new friends and kept the heart fires burning for old ones. I have had the blessing of being able to use my skills to help others. I have found ways to integrate my art and my spiritual practices and that has been such a blessing. I have been given the opportunity to see how I have been a positive force in the lives of those around me. I have seen my friend Leslie come into her own with her published book "Love is the Thread", and I even have a few cameos in print. I've had the opportunity to work with new clients and develop deeper professional relationships with returning clients. I've gotten to travel on my own and with a friend. I've been down to the sands of the sea and sang song spells. The ups far outnumber the downs and yet the contrast has been stark. I take solace in the knowledge that I am not alone. My spirit helpers have heard me call and came when I needed. The ancestors have danced and sung with me in ceremony. My guides have helped me to chant the clay up on the potter's wheel. I have not gotten all that I have wished for, and perhaps that is best. It gives me more to look forward to yet and that is half the fun.

As the holiday season works into the frenzy of buying, wrapping, baking, and decorating remember to take a moment in the crisp cold air and offer a prayer to the stillness that waits there. Time always seems to slip through our fingers at this season. There is so much to do and get done we can lose ourselves in the media induced illusion of what the holidays are supposed to be, or try to recreate a past memory of the perfect celebration. The holidays come in the dark of the year, the time when we are biologically and psychologically most challenged. There is a reason we light candles in so many traditions, to call out the light we carry within ourselves. We must be the sun in winter's heart. We must be the warmth in the lives of all our relations. May you be thankful for all that you have and the love that you carry in this life.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Perfection perception

Greetings everyone,

I try and post a blog when I have something that is showing up in my life that may be of value to others. Lately I have caught myself thinking uncharitable thoughts about myself. If I were to make my criticisms to another person I would be considered cruel. Many people follow this pattern. We don't treat ourselves very nicely in our heads. We don't think very highly of ourselves.

After one day in particular when I was very down on myself and just felt awful, I wondered why I was being so self critical. The thought zoomed into my head, "Oh my God I don't think I am a good person." That was it in a nutshell. I thought I was bad. Not evil of course but not a "worthy" person. This of course comes from thinking "what's wrong with me?" Which is a horrible question to ask yourself, because your subconscious will start dredging up every memory it can of times when you fell short of your personal best to answer the question.

So why did I think I wasn't a good person. Well I'd fallen back into comparing my life with other people. Why hadn't I accomplished more? Why didn't I have more: money, friends, property, muscles? This is the internalized keeping up with the Jones' that many of us aren't even conscious of. We all have someone in our lives who is a conscious player of that game. Their neighbor got a new car, and now they must get a newer sportier model, and we think that is silly. However many of us "keep score" in our own heads. You think things like I'm almost ____ years old and I still haven't bought a house, or gone on a cruise, or gotten married. These are just examples and I am not suggesting they apply to you imaginary readers out there in cyberspace, but what I may advise you do is to start becoming aware of when you are comparing your life's accomplishments, relationships, or possessions to someone else's.

Besides comparing ourselves to other people which is a minefield to our serenity there is also the idea of perfection that gives us grief. I am not perfect. I don't always do the right/sensible/honorable... thing. There is nothing wrong with striving to be a good person and to be a positive force in life. The problem is we often have an ideal template of what we are "supposed" to be. It is our perfect life. You know what I'm talking about it's the if only I could lose those last five pounds, or if only I was more confident. This also goes in tandem with comparing ourselves to others. When we don't match our idea of perfection we often make ourselves feel like we are just not good enough.

Having been involved in arts and crafts for about a decade I can say with absolute certainty. Perfection is the death of growth. None of my pieces are ever perfect. When I get hung up on perfection, my work gets worse not better. My best work is done when I am as present and focused as possible.

So what does all this rambling mean? It means I really need to examine the underlying belief patterns I have about self worth and life. It means that I need to not use a measuring stick when looking at myself. It means I need to cut myself a little slack and enjoy me as I am not as I think I should be. It means I need to give up the idea of perfection, and look at my life as I look at my artwork. Some of the best work arose from a flaw or mistake that I made in the process. So my dear imaginary readers, cut yourself a little slack, don't judge your accomplishments against anyone else's, and stop waiting for yourself to be perfect to value who you are.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Syncing it with the deity

When I went on my trip this summer, I purchased a beautiful statue of Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. I've been saying Ganesha mantras for a few years now, and my life is continuing to change and evolve. I had taken to after I was finished saying my mantras wrapping my mala beads around Ganesha with the other necklaces I got for him. I have jokingly called this "Syncing my prayers with the deity." Surprisingly though it does seem to invigorate the mala. With technology we are always talking about syncing our music, calendars, contacts and documents. With our more ethereal pursuits it is no different really. Why shouldn't we sync with a deity, it is just a tech word for alignment.

My other bit of news is the amount of positive feedback I've had from the abundance download. I am tempted to start a fan page on Facebook so everyone can share their wonderful stories. Now the recording is available on my website, but I enjoyed the call so much I will probably offer another download call in a few months, when my guidance moves to do one. I hope to have more participants each time. Everyone who listens adds to the power of the calls. I may start doing my youtube videos that way. Well as soon as I figure out how to shoot videos on this new computer that is. Well time for me to be off.
Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Monday, August 22, 2011


Greetings everybody,

I'm so excited this evening was my first international event. For those of you who know me I've been planning this Free Abundance Download for weeks. Well planning is not probably the correct term, but I have at least had it posted. If you are around me at all you've heard me ask "Are you gonna be on my call?" I used to do the same thing when I first started posting my youtube videos (yes I know I am overdo for another one, but I've been busy). I'd actually thought about doing this live event for months it just popped into my head one day and it just seemed right. I waited until I worked out most of the kinks to the free phone service to offer it, and voila instant worldwide access (technically just to about a dozen countries).

Unless you've been living under a rock the past few years you're quite aware that the worldview is predominantly focused on sad economy. The media once a source of information has seemed to devolve into a form that simply tells us when to be afraid and what we can buy to make us less afraid. The message has been that there is only lack and that we shouldn't expect to prosper. The abundance download is my attempt (well my guides too) to transform us into abundance generators. This has a positive impact on not only our lives but the lives of those around us. So for those of you who missed the call or zoned out if there is one thing I want you take away from it all it is this, we are abundance. The pattern of abundance is literally written into our physical template at the subatomic level. The very structure and foundation of the universe is abundance. It is only about accessing that flow and allowing it.

The first thing I said when the call was done was, "That was weird." The half hour literally flew past. When I opened my eyes I had thought maybe 5 or 10 minutes had passed, but it was more like 25-30. I was shocked not only by that, but from the guided mediation that spontaneously arose. I had no notes and no format to follow for the call, but I moved through each visioning process in sequence and I don't even remember everything I said. So while I was there, something else and greater was with me pulling my strings to help with the call (kudos to all guides, deities, and angels). I think the amount of focus and anticipation everyone had for the call, myself included, really magnified the effect. It was fun to play in the field of possibilities so immediately with a live call. I love what we were able to build and this is something I definitely want to do again. Well my friends the hour is late and I must rest.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Road to Rehoboth

Hello imaginary readers I'm back from my wild road trip to Rehoboth Beach. I have added Delaware to the states I have visited. The ride was long split in Baltimore where we stayed with a friend. Some things we noticed on the road was the preponderance of solar arrays. It is something we hadn't seen as much of the last time we took a drive to the coast. It is a very cheering sign to see renewables becoming more implemented in people's lives.

Weather seemed to follow us on our journey. Overcast skies turned to driving rain in the mountains. Our first day on the beach was heralded by a summer thunderstorm. We ended up soaked as we walked back to our beach apartment. We didn't mind we even sang in the rain until a huge lightning bolt struck very close behind us. After that we skipped the singing in the rain bit and high tailed it back to the apartment.

I took to walking along the shore rather than getting into the ocean. Leslie being a Pisces was in it as often as she could be. I had many prayers I carried to the beach and so I would sing to the sea. The sea sang back in its way. We were only there 3 whole days, but I know we will return next year.

Our altar we set up grew each day with the things we acquired from the shore and the shops. I ended up buying necklaces for my deity statues. Yes I stooped to buying bling for deities. This whole trip was a miracle that came out of nowhere. We were offered a place to stay for free, all we had to do was get there. Although as Leslie points out the trip didn't come from nowhere it came from the simple impulse I had a few years back to interact with new people at a seminar we attended. I went off to play with strangers who then became friends. We kept in touch. It was the smallest seed planted from one small action of reaching out. It should be a lesson to me that just one small action can have remarkable consequences. So I will continue to make small forays into the unknown seeking friends and adventurers. I hope in your own way you will step out of your normal circle to embrace someone new. You never know where it will lead you, but if you happen to end up at the beach make sure you don't forget to reapply your sunscreen after an hour or so.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back into the fray

I've finally gotten around to blogging. I've had a month of priorities. Fear has been a companion. Old patterns popping up to raise their heads and show me where they are still pulling the strings on my life and reactions. Moving into the core of issues is challenging because so many other things tie into it. As one of my teachers said, "The thing about change is that we have to change." We want change and simultaneously to stay exactly as we are. This doesn't work so well.

This month I have been embroiled into the conflicts in the lives around me. I got to be the calm center. For a few weeks it was nonstop. One of the gifts of this experience is that it put a perspective on my own inner conflicts. I basically came to the conclusion that all my so called problems would take care of themselves. We all have our conflicts, but we shouldn't let them get in the way of our living of life. All men without problems share one trait...they're dead. What I couldn't understand is why everything was happening at once and around myself. It dawned on me that in my daily practice I had been offering myself in service. TADAAA WISH GRANTED! I don't mind really, now that things have calmed down and I have the chance to regather myself. I found that when I needed my spirit helpers they were there and they performed great service through me. It is good to know the skills you spend time learning and developing have real world significance. Although I should use the term "real world" loosely. It would be more accurate to say shared reality. Did everyone sign their consent form?

The other piece of news is that I have been working in the studio again. Things just seem more right when I am creating. This year has been good for integrating my spiritual practices and artwork. The two are no longer so separate. They weave in and out of each other enhancing both facets of my life. I'll be talking a bit about this in the upcoming Faery and Deva Communication Workshop which is happening on June 18th at Compassion Retreat Center.

Lastly I should mention that if you are experiencing challenges you aren't alone. Everyone I know right now is dealing with either big change in their life or core issues that are resurfacing. Intuitive people are picking up on earth shifts and feeling anxious, restless, exhausted, etc... Don't see yourself as alone. Come together with others and help each other. Make use of the support network you have in your life, and if you don't have one well it is the perfect time to form one. Be a willing listener, share a kind word, and don't forget to love yourself.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

p.s. Come and see me at the Healing Clinic this Sunday June 5th I will be one of the readers there. It is being held at the Ramada Conference Center (used to be the Clarion). It will go from noon to 5 PM.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Growing pains

Greetings everyone,

I've been busy causing trouble or as my spiritual kin would call it "harmless mischief". What I have not been doing unfortunately is working in my studio. I've reordered my space and cleaned out quite a lot of items. Changing the arrangement of my space has changed the entire energy of my home. In some ways it is smoother and more calm and retreat like. It has affected how I practice my yoga asanas. Still I haven't gotten back to my artwork there always seems to be something else that needs to be reordered or organized. I am constantly planning more and more and getting less done lately.

Last week I got a headache. This wouldn't be of much note except that it lasted for about 4 days. The worst day I had to teach my tai chi class and see a client. I had circles under my eyes so dark I was being called a raccoon. I was luckily able to drop into an expanded state for my client which also had the effect of helping alleviate some of my pain. For some unknown reason my body had decided it was going to detox. I had congestion, the irritated eyes, muscle tension in the head and neck, and it was turned up so high I was nauseous. Normally I have only felt this bad when I have taken a commercial cleanse, which is of course why I stopped doing those. When I was able to journey I was told all the shifting work I had been doing for myself and others was forcing a change in my physical template and there were more shifts to come. This spontaneous detox was to help pave the way for a new energy pattern in my physical template. I had asked to transform and to experience a deeper level of mastery. Well my wish is being granted. Dear reader when you make these wishes always add the phrase at the end "in the gentlest way possible."

The good news is that I was given a regimen to follow to help me prepare for this template upgrade. Advice from spirit should be to the point and they laid out not only my meditative practice, but some dietary guidelines as well as physical exercises. So far I've done my best to comply. The pain has subsided to a great degree, but a new shift is coming in and that makes me just a bit nervous. As it approaches I may take the advice of one of my incarnate teachers who wisely said, "You are the one with the body and you can always say no."

So to all of you out there who are tackling the major blocks and energies in your life, don't be in such a rush. Make sure you have given yourself enough time to adjust. Spiritual growth is just fine but having fun and enjoying the life around you is just as vital to your soul. Learn to appreciate the level where you are. The next lesson, energy, mastery will always be there this moment will not.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Break out

Greetings everyone, It's been way too long since I last posted. As always I have been keeping busy. I have started my travelling for the year. Mid March saw me in Chicago for a Matrix Energetics seminar. I have taken Level 4 and one day may even understand it. LOL! I met a lot of great people in the holistic field. This was my first trip to matrix without my business partner Leslie. It was odd, but also rewarding because I got to experience just my energy with new people. Part of my deal with any sort of relationship be it friend, business, or romantic partner is the need to have occasional separate adventures. This gives us something to talk about rather than circling the same topics. While I was in Chicago I met up with an old friend and he took me to see Lake Michigan where I connected my mesa. A new cord of energy now runs from my altar to the great lake. I feel like I have made a lot of new cords and ties to good sources. I've even started using a teleconference service to keep up with all my new friends. The past year or so it has dawned on me that I am generally well liked and respected. The truth about that is I have been shocked, amazed, finally very very grateful. For all of you out there who felt they have gone through life feeling unloved and under appreciated buck up because you never know when you will shine. I am someone who was never popular growing up. The fact that I need a teleconference service to keep up with people is a true miracle. The seeds of all this started years back but the total realization that I could be a lovable person came suddenly. Currently I am finishing up projects and getting ready for spring cleaning. I've received my new studio equipment, and have just about finished decoupaging some new shelves. I'm already thinking of travelling this summer to teach workshops, see sacred sites, and visit friends. I am still dumbfounded how things sneak up on our awareness until we realize that we are where we dreamed we would be. In clearing space I have run across old manifestation wish lists and have been pleasantly surprised how many of the wishes have come true. In many ways this has already turned out to be a breakout year. I've gotten new training, new friends, new clients, and I have an accountant (because I actually need one hurray!). Right now I am still unwinding patterns from the past and detoxing, but it is no longer such a drudgery because I know that it will bring increased energy and joy. I've committed to mastering what I have learned and becoming a more effective human being. In this time of rising energies (both scary and enlightening) make sure you get outside to connect with the renewing energies that are flooding through the soil. Peace and Blessings, Thomas Mooneagle

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reset button

Greetings everyone,

The first month of 2011 has come and gone. For many it has been a challenging month with weather events more frequent than the norm this year and also for the tail end of 2010. Many of you may have also had an uptick in vivid dreams over the past few weeks. It seems as though guidance is reaching out for us. I have been busy working on commissions as well as getting better organized to allow more business into my life. It has been a year of clearing the decks so to speak and making sure all parts of the system are taken care of. In the past month I've met with an accountant, purchased new equipment, started work on new furniture, and have done some deep inner work.

There is something about energy work and shamanic work that makes me constantly have to rebalance. This is a good thing.. However when I fail to keep up with the rebalancing and give myself time to process I can and do get sick. As a person in the healing arts there is sort of a stigma about being ill. There is a belief that we are somehow above all that. So not true. If I don't get enough rest, eat enough of the right foods, deal with situations and feelings, well my system is compromised and I get out of balance.

Illness for me often acts as a reset button. I rest more. I catch up on correspondences. I balance my checkbooks. I also drink more fluids, and cut out unnecessary contact with people. Many times I fill my days with conversations and talking more than I really have time to do and get all of my tasks done. Often I will cut time out of self care for chatting. When I am sick I just don't have the energy to do that. I completely focus on myself and getting better. I renew my connections with healing rites and energies. I see where I am not balanced. I try and make the time valuable. That being said I would prefer to be well.

I already feel myself opening up to more possibilities this year. That is exhilarating and scary too. I've felt shifts in my personal energy and that of the world around me, and it has been a challenge to remain grounded and balanced. This pushing of the reset button is a reminder that I need to take time to be outside and catch the light of the moon, sun, and stars. I need to break up my routine so that I can be more invigorated when I am in a routine. Most importantly I need to address my insecurities when they arise as small seedlings rather than wait till they grow into trees. So in this last stretch of winter do yourself a favor and get out in the world. Touch the earth, look at the sky (cloudy or not), rest, and keep moving towards your dreams. Don't give up and don't wait till spring.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New year new attitude

I hope everyone had a peaceful and enjoyable holiday. I am actually relieved to be back to work in my studio and with clients. I feel very lucky and blessed to be able to do what I love as part of my career. In order to stay in the vibration of gratitude I started doing something new with my workout routine. I swim 3 times a week (yes even in the winter). A few weeks back in the middle of the holiday season I began focusing on a body system with each lap and thanking it. I start usually with my hands and feet and then branch out to the bones, muscles, circulatory system and so on until I have thanked every system. I then thank the 6 senses that give me the picture of my world. (No I did not miscount I have 6 senses and so do you.) Afterwards I thank the medicines I carry in this lifetime and good qualities I possess.

I do my best to honor the body and personal qualities rather than possessions or circumstances, and this is deliberate. I am working out my body when I swim and this way I spiritualize that workout, I add dimension to it. I've always loved swimming since I was a young child and this offered a way to broaden the effect of my favored workout. In this way I can focus on getting stronger and healthier with the mind contributing to the body's enhancement. The body is my only possession I will keep my whole life. Everything else I can give away or wear out or have to replace.

Often in the metaphysics or new thought movements the body can be left out, but with the spread of yoga and martial arts training in western cultures over the past 50 years this is becoming less so. I have noticed that some people (myself included) tend to turn yoga into a workout rather than a practice. We try to slap the "NO pain NO gain!" template onto it. So I propose a countermeasure. When you workout (and many more of you are doing that this post holiday season) bring in some of that expanded awareness to the routine. Thank the muscles for the work they are doing. Thank the lungs for bringing you the breath you need to keep going. Thank the heart for its ceaseless labor. Try this for a while: does it change your body's response, do your fitness goals come easier, or do you just feel more at peace with your body?

Peace and Blessings and a Happy New Year,
Thomas Mooneagle