Thursday, August 26, 2010

Journeying down the Medicine Road

Well it has been an eventful summer thus far. It's been a reversal of my normal pattern. I generally travel to do workshops and then come back home and apply them. This summer the training I've taken has been locally grown, and I have travelled to apply what I've learned. I can't tell you how much it means to be valued and appreciated by the people I've worked with this past season. I've been to the West to the sands of the sea, and here in Kentucky I've been down to the rolling hills in Bowling Green.

Fall looks as if I will be just as busy. Indeed I will be performing the marriage ceremony for a dear friend. I will be passing the munay-ki rites onto more people (thanks Vicki Jo!), teaching with Leslie about the faeries again, teaching a class on runes, and I will be heading to Columbus Ohio to teach a workshop and do private sessions. I've gotten to work with some lovely people just because I love to play in the energy of miracles and magic. It helps to not be stingy with your talents. Don't keep your gifts all bottled up to only bring out at special occasions, share them and you will be surprised how often people will wish to honor you by paying you for your time and efforts.

Here are a few links to my upcoming events

I will keep following the breadcrumbs down my personal medicine road. I hope to encounter you on the way in perfect grace in a gentle way.