Friday, July 2, 2010

Faery long days

Well it has been a week since we held our workshop for communicating with Faeries Devas and Nature Spirits. This year we held a day long workshop. I got my own special instructions to channel Faery for the whole workshop. It was interesting to channel all day long and hold the energy of the Green Realm for the workshop. In many ways I think I benefited from the interaction as much as our participants did. My energies have been running in a renewed way. The weather this week has certainly helped in that regard though. We've been blessed with pleasant low humidity days that we didn't get many of this June. Practicing tai chi outside and taking walks in the sunlight as well as the moonlight have seemed to soften my energies.

Touching faery always seems to bring up the appreciation of the little things in life. From a the caress of the wind, to the spill of light upon the ground, to the green of the leaves in high summer. We are treading through the season of light and plenty now. All around us the natural world is suffuse in life and abundance. We need to partake of its light and warmth while we can. The pages of the seasons will turn before we know it, already the days shortening again. However beauty is to be found in every season. If there is one thing that the fair folk have taught me is that their is joy and worth in every single season of life. We often don't realize what we have in one period of our life until we have moved on to the next. The movement of seasons each year gives us the opportunity to appreciate where we are in the greater cycle of nature, and if we can harmonize with them perhaps we can learn do so with our own personal cycle. It is something to think of whether your are in the spring of childhood, the summer of youth, the fall of maturity, or the winter of age there is beauty and worth to be found. For now make use of the blessed season of summer light.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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