Saturday, July 24, 2010

The chi of food

Dear imaginary readers...I say this because I am not sure if anyone ever reads these posts. Still another message in a digital bottle is being put out to electronic sea of Internet consciousness. With all this virtual information and interconnected suspended thought I wanted to comment on something a bit more

If any of you have been paying attention to the quality of food in most restaurants (not all but think chain restaurants) you will have noticed a decline in it. I don't mean the meat is spoiled and I am not naming any names (if there are imaginary readers there are also imaginary lawyers). What I mean is the glut of food that is not food. It looks like food, smells somewhat like food, it may have some taste similar to food, but it is not food. It is a mix of food products and chemical preservatives, colorants, and flavor enhancements and substitutes. It has calories (usually too many for the weight conscious), but lacks nutrients and many of its chemical properties have not been sufficiently researched as safe.

It is odd when you are made to feel that you are a food snob when what you want is something that is real. Something that wasn't prepared in a factory, doused with chemicals, frozen shipped across the country and then heated up in a steam tray or broiler and served like it was actually prepared in the kitchen. I hereby refuse to eat anything that isn't food from this point forward, as I am on day 3 of gastric upset from eating out on Thursday night.

It is true that you can raise the energy of what you eat by blessing it. It is true that there are ways to filter out the toxins energetically. It is true that you can redesign your energy so that anything that you consume only serves you. However once you do that usually there isn't much left to nourish you. Calorically speaking food like substances provide fuel, but they don't replenish nutrients and they don't foster a relationship with the land. When I bless real food made by myself or those who care for me I can feel the field of its chi quite strongly, and I know it will strengthen me. I suggest you try an experiment bless all the food you eat , and before you take the first bite try to sense with your hand how big the energy field of the food is. Do this with something you've prepared. Do this with something that's been grown in your (or a friend's) garden. Do this at restaurants. When you buy groceries and are choosing between 2 brands test the chi field of each item.

When we put something of substance in ourselves we heal ourselves and thus the world. Eating locally grown food and organic food helps us to become clearer in our energies and it helps support our community of farmers. It is the season of growth and vegetation so there are many good things to taste. Give yourself something real that is the product of someone's hands.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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