Thursday, April 29, 2010

Connections made

Greetings everyone,
So I've come to the end of the free weight trial and I will be posting a new youtube video about it soon. Wish I could say that there was something I learned that will be "the way" I do sessions about weight. The thing I have learned is that sessions about weight are the same as any other session in that they are all different for everybody. The responses thus far have been glowing and I have reports in from the field that transformations and healings in completely different areas of a client's life has accompanied any food issues. It has been lovely in a way to connect with new people and just this week I have accomplished my goal of having contacts in all the time zones in the continental United States. I haven't reached Hawaii yet. I don't know if my phone plan covers that. I'll have to ask next time I'm in the mobile store.
Well tomorrow is Beltane and that means today is a baking day for me. Tonight is a travelling day for our good neighbors. It also marks the first time that I will be baking for the Winter court and Summer court. In the midst of that I will also be ordering and designing new business cards in anticipation of my upcoming trip to the west coast. It is my first paid business trip and I am looking forward to it and to many more over the next few years. Sometime I'd like to do a cruise where I offer my services and get the cruise for free (plus a little spending money for the trip). If you know anyone who can do that for me please connect them to me. It is interesting to hear the varied reactions to the people around me who can't imagine me going off on my own. Of course the secret is I never do anything alone. Trust me if all my help were in the flesh we'd need several rows of the aircraft reserved. So onto baking, designing, and of course the global vigil fire I will be attending.
Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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