Sunday, October 28, 2018

Tracking Boundaries

Greetings all,

I hope you've a had a great week and you're eager for the festivities for the upcoming one.  Next weekend the time changes and the gradual lessening of light will get quite the jumpstart.  Even when the sun is shining now the light is thin and pale as opposed to little more than a month ago when the yellow heaviness of the sun beat down constantly.  We are in autumn and winter is coming.

The past two months I've had lots of time to think and reflect on the year.  I've gotten some clarity on some of my boundaries and while it took some uncomfortable experiences to get there I am grateful to finally have it clear for myself.  One thing I learned many years ago was that psychic ability does not deliver moral authority.  What I mean by that is just because you are more in tune with energies it doesn't follow that you are a better or more evolved human being.  These abilities were called siddhis by the yogis and gurus.  They were sometimes developed during people's spiritual practices, but adepts were warned that they could become distractions.  They were not the goal merely a signpost.  Some who developed one or more of these gifts would set themselves up as 'Teachers' and manipulate their students for their own gain.  Many cults start this way.

These days many people are interested in developing psychic abilities.  Some few are even quite successful at improving their own, but what is often not taught in development classes is the proper ethics of psychic gifts.  When not to use these abilities is as important as learning to use them.  Nobody likes a Peeping Tom, whether that is with physical or spiritual eyes.  I'd always felt this but it hadn't crystalized until recently.

I teach many different types of classes: Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Rune work, Shamanic journeying, and various other methods of spiritual/psychic development.  I get people with varying abilities in my classes.  I have occasionally run across several folks who rather than participate will spend the whole class 'tracking' me.  Basically they get their nose up in my energetic business.  I've even had some get angry with me when they couldn't track me.  This of course mystified me.   Then it really pissed me off once it sank in.  Firstly, I am a very private person.  My energy and my inner thoughts are not for other people, that's why we have a spoken language; it conveys what we wish to express and share to others.  Secondly, the arrogance that someone could properly interpret my subconscious inner world is staggering.  I'm me and I don't even understand myself half the time.  Thirdly,  it's nobody else's GOD DAMN BUSINESS!  Maybe I'm just a wee bit sensitive on the subject, but I've encountered people that have used their uninvited psychic prodding to hurt me.

Why am I telling you this?  Well I'm doing my part to educate.  I've talked this over with my teachers and they agreed with me.  Tracking folks without their permission is a violation of their personal space.  I mean you wouldn't go through someone's voicemail and text messages without permission would you?  You wouldn't read through their personal journal without a green light from them?  (If you would we're not going to be friends).  So why would you think it's ok to get up into someone's energy without asking.  I don't do it unless I'm in session with someone, because permission is part of the agreement.  In order for me to work on someone or read for them I need access, so if you show up as my client you've given permission for while we are in session, and only while we are in session.   Believe me the amount of focus it takes to properly sense, track, and interpret is not something I want to be doing 24/7.

How about you?  Did you learn a psychic trick and decide everyone's head was your oyster?  Have you had your inner world violated by thoughtless busy bodies?  Do you stick your third eye where it hasn't been invited?  If so I would suggest turning that eye inward to the places where you don't want to look because the traits or energies that you are seeing in others are more than likely within yourself.  That's not to say that what you're seeing about others isn't true, but it is truth filtered through your lens of perception and experience, not theirs.  If you find yourself on either side of this issue it is time to reassess.  I've reinforced my personal energetic boundaries, and perhaps you should too.  While you are at it, make sure you take time to respect the boundaries of the people you encounter.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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