Sunday, May 27, 2018


Greetings all,

I hope you are doing well.  This week like most has been full of ups and downs.  Despite the downs I am moving full steam ahead to set things up for the summer.  I will be on the road in August.  As part of my deal with myself to try and go someplace I've never been each year,  I'll be passing through some places in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  I will also end up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, because this eagle is about to go international.

How do you like my first shot at a DVD cover?  Personally I'd like those triangles a little longer, more isosceles and less equilateral. Still it isn't bad for just playing around.  I'm working on my first professional instructional DVD and I will be teaching workshops on the road.  For whatever reason this week I've just been knocking out tasks one after another.  I spent so many years wishing for things to change, to have my chance, and now it feels like it is happening.  The difference between now and then is how I act on things.

I remember years ago when the movie "The Secret" came out.  Like many people I was in a desperate space and wanted to manifest my dreams.  The formula was be grateful, visualize, and release.  Sounds simple and I don't want to knock that, being able to envision the life you want is important.  What so many of us leave out of it is taking steps towards that life.  Acting is scary, it forces us into places where we aren't comfortable.  It forces us to change up what we are doing.  For someone like me who wants reassurance that where I am going and what I am doing is going to work out, that's a big challenge.  I've learned though you have to start with or without that guarantee and though things rarely go to plan they usually take me where I need to be.  I'm still working on the where I want to be part.  My road twists and turns taking me to places I never anticipated and I'm the better for it.

I officially started my business about 8 years ago.  I wish I had known the things I know now back then, but that's life.  You learn as you go.  Here are some of things I picked up along the way.  The biggest thing is to just start.  Try not to get too narrowly focused (ah my old nemesis tunnel vision).  When people ask you if you do something that is bigger than what you currently do instead of saying no, say not yet.  Find a way to reach people that matches your interaction style rather than trying to force yourself into a standard marketing practice.  When you have an idea write it down before you forget it (because you will).  Write and write often to develop your personal voice.   Go out and have fun, because it is important for your well being, but all also because you may meet potential clients or experts that you need.

So why am I telling you all this?  Well the energy these days seems to be stirred up, and we might as well make use of it.  Dreaming is fine, but don't dream too long or you may find you've slept your life away.  Wishing is fine, but it needs to be the force that drives your decisions and plans rather than an empty ideal.  It's empowering to bring your ideas to life, so even if the big goals seem impossible start with some of the little ones that point in that direction.  I'm still far off from what I wished for years ago, but I'm closer today than I was then.

How about you?  Are you stuck where you are?  Have you let your dreams fizzle into half faded wishes?  Are you taking steps to bring your vision to life?  Are you paying attention to opportunities around you that may move you along?  Are you limiting yourself?  Well if you are I'd like to encourage you to get out and try something.  You don't have the bet the farm your first time out, but you can always start somewhere.  We're all underway to somewhere, and while we may not be in complete control we do have some ability to steer.  Try making use of it.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle


  1. Hi Thomas! I found your youtube channel today and I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR WORK. Your energy rings just as true for me today as when i saw some of the videos were published in 2013. I wanted to let you know about this channel called Higher Self on youtube. I found my way to you thru there after listening for almost 2 years. You are on such a high vibration! I'm almost wondering how I found someone so pure. I was working with transmuting very old feelings of anger that came up after very intense dreams last night and has all but immobilized my left arm. I would love to work with you sometime and learn from you. I just started a new job so hopefully it will be soon. Thank you again for everything. my email is

  2. Thanks for the comment. I don't know if I am that high a vibration. I have my shadow stuff like everyone. I just try not to let it get in the way of my work.

  3. Hey Thomas I need you to do one for permanently extremely good luck

    1. That would be challenging as permanence is a very rigid concept. Luck needs to be light and organic.