Sunday, January 15, 2017

Wailing Winds

Greetings all,

I hope you had a pleasant week.  We've had several seasons in seven days.  There has been a little sun but mostly we've been in the gray haze that tends to define January and February here.  I'd been sick the week of new year's and was just starting to come out of it this week with just a bit of tiredness.  The dismal overcast days didn't do much for my get up and go though.

January often feels like a nebulous time.  The days are longer, but we often don't notice due to the cloud cover.  In these dreary days it can be a challenge to get outside and interact with the dozing trees.  Winter is the time for long nights and dreams, both of night and the more fleeting daydreams.  While we should try and be present in our season those daydreams often have given me some of my greatest inspirations.  When the bones of the earth are laid bare with barren branches and the wind drags its claws across a cold land, I see the intricate geometry of nature. It is often in this season I am most in tune with an energy I categorize as elven.   What we think of as elves is mostly inspired by Tolkien's work; in his turn he based the elves heavily on the Daione Sidhe.  I associate them with guiding nature's hand and crafting wonders inspired  by the world of growing things.  Now during the spring, summer, and autumn I feel more strongly the energies of what most people think of as faeries.

Yes I am sure the more serious readers out there are tuning out about now.  They're thinking, "What gives Mooneagle?  What's all this fluff about the fair folk?  I thought this was a serious blog for spiritual topics."  Well part of the reason I write this blog is to show you I'm a real person.  I'm not a guru.  I flow with many different types of energies and the one that gave me a big start was my connection to the green realms.  I have found these energies have an aura of such awe and sacredness that few churches or temples could match.  The energies of our 'good neighbors' are close to my heart.  Not only that but I draw on these energies in some of the healing work I do for myself and clients.

One morning this week the wind was up.  I had my first day of not needing cold medicine.  I slept right through my alarm which is almost unheard of.  It was the monthly test of the emergency sirens that finally woke me.  The wind had been gusting all through the night bringing with it strange dreams.  The normal storm siren sound was being twisted and distorted by the wind.  It sounded more like a chorus of unearthly voices wailing.  Had I to place it, I would say it sounded what I imagine the cries of the banshee would resemble.  The rest of the week settled into a rhythm of deep dreaming and hidden currents of magic running like underground rivers welling up suddenly to stir the events of life.  The banshee's cry is often associated with death and mourning, or as a warning that dark and dangerous times are upon us.  I don't know what it meant for me personally, although I do know that much of what has been my life will be passing away within a year, and I do see dark times ahead for the world.  Still the sound of the wailing winds was familiar and felt like it was reaching out to comfort and engage my spirit.  So I am going to feel more into my emotional connection with the near realms of Faery.  To me they have always felt like home.

So why am I going on about this to you?  Well the world is speaking to you: through the winds, the falling rains and snows, the dance of the tree limbs, and the calls of birds.  Maybe you share my love for the green realm, or maybe a different realm calls to you.  Maybe the realm of the stars and celestial folk is your heart home.  Maybe it is with the denizens of the deep waters.  Perhaps the serpentine paths of dragons fires your soul's longing.  It could be among the carved icons of saints and within the patterns of stained glass in temples and churches of stone.  The sacred is calling to you, quietly singing amidst the din of the distracting world of men.  Will you answer that call?  Will you sing back?  Will you seek for it on strange paths both new and old?  The old stories are walking now, the wonders of the world are stirring from their slumber.  Will you sing a walking song?  I'd suggest you put on your boots, grab a stout stick, wrap yourself warmly, and venture out into the wild world of story.  Maybe it will not  make your life easier, but it just might make your life richer.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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