Friday, January 27, 2017

Entropy Abides

Greetings all,

Well now what a week it has been.  It is times like these that I seem to resonate with the words of House Baratheon, "Ours is the fury."

The world has changed.  The air is vibrating with new possibilities and potentials.  Some of these tangential realities are quite frightening, others have the opportunity to really push forward to a kinder and more sustainable form of civilization.  Which ones manifest will depend greatly on how we conduct ourselves.

Entropy is the agent of change.  Entropy in this case is the force or processes which breaks systems down.  In the biological kingdoms the fungi excel at their use of entropy breaking down waste and converting it to something useable.  They are the ultimate recyclers, and up cyclers.  Entropy is associated with death and endings, but the flip side is that without it there are no beginnings.  Change is stressful and often invokes fear and resistance.  Change can also be invigorating and spur growth.  Look above at the picture.  The green crystal of life's pattern has burst open, broken by the fiery serpent with his tail wrapped at the center of the wheel of the elements.  This is kundalini the waking of the secret fire that sleeps within our base nature.

Waking up is not always pleasant.  Those of you who use buzzer alarms know this on a visceral level.  It is jarring and uncomfortable.  Right now many of us are going through an awakening and it is not the gentle kind of slowly rousing to the sound of birdsong.  Right now it feels more like the fire alarm going off at 4 AM.   That can leave you kind of cranky.  I know I am not at my most bright and cheery.  Compassion you say?  What the hell is that?  Fight or flight patterns are being triggered in us.  Adrenalin is an effective way to shake you up and get you to pay attention, but it isn't a healthy state to maintain.  Kundalini rising is written about with modern new age rose colored glasses these days, but a spontaneous kundalini activation can be dangerous and frightening.

So why am I telling you this?  Well world events are quite chaotic right now, and many of us are trying to get our bearings.  Structures are being broken and it has created a lot of upset.  Many people feel like their hearts are breaking, and yet I see people coming together to support each other.  I see more people becoming active participants in the societal structures of our world.  What if we saw entropy not as an ending but as a catalyst?  What if our hearts weren't being broken, but instead were like eggs, broken open so a new life could be born?  What if this apparent darkness moves us to sing back the light?  Now I could be wrong, I mean it happened once before.  Like I said above what will be manifested will depend on us and how we show up.  So ask yourself do I really want what has been the status quo?  You may have preferred it to what is being offered up, but you don't have to accept that reality either.  If you could change the way the world works what would you like to bring into it?  Are you willing to act to bring needed changes?  Are you willing to go back to sleep?  The Hopi prophecies were right, we are the ones we've been waiting for.  Good morning my dears we have a lot to do today.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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  1. Once again, you have taken the words off my heart. Since I have grieved this catastrophic election, and decided to move forward; I have re-discovered a fire in me. A fire that I haven't felt, even the smallest embers of, in many years. As much, as it pisses me off, the state of our entire world, it motivates me, as well. I am embracing this new version of me. I am loving her and nurturing her. You are right. Winter came! Winter came in a "yyyyuuuuuggggeeee" way. It won't be easy and it will most certainly be painful, but we will #RISE #OursIsTheFury