Monday, September 5, 2016

Atlas of Dreams

Greetings all,

I hope this holiday weekend finds you well.  This marks the traditional end of summer for most folks.  Labor day weekend used to be the last bit of summer vacation for school children.  Around here though the kids have been in school since mid August.  Things change.

For most of my life I have kept a record of my dreams.  I became interested in lucid dreaming when I was 13 and the first thing you're told to do is to write down your dreams.  For some this is very difficult, but for me it was easy.  For better or worse I have always had quite vivid dreams.  Fantasies of flying have felt so real and blissful, but on the flip side of that terror invoking visions have shaken me to my core.  Everything has its price.  While I have had a few instances of lucidity over the years it has been sparse, but I continue to write down my dreams to glean information and direction from them.  You'd be surprised of how much the conscious mind misses through the day.

At this point I have filled over half a dozen notebooks and journals with my night time wanderings.  As I look back over the years I can see changing patterns in my dreams.  I used to have a lot more fantasy elements in my teenage years.  I had the hero quest type dreams and escaping from danger and death dreams.  In my twenties I had more prophetic or psychic dreams.  These days the story book nature of my dreams ebbs and flows.  For weeks or months my dreams can be mostly mundane and then out of the blue they will turn once more to the mystic.  Lately I've found myself doing actual magical or healing work while asleep.  When I wake I know a part of it was real, as there is the aftertaste of magic in the air around the bed.  (Magic always has a very distinct feeling/smell to it for me).

As I said above my dream life can be a mixed blessing.  I sometimes awaken almost as tired as when I laid down to sleep.  I can walk very far and see sights that trouble me while I slumber.  The gift in these visions is clarity though.  Dreams have time and again offered me guidance, a nudge, or encouragement to embark on a path in my waking life.

Why am I telling you this?  Well all of us dream, even those that claim they don't.  Dreams and the symbols they use are powerful tools of transformation and self awareness.  They are provided to us free of charge each night, and when we pay attention they can even be used by spirit to reach out to us.  This gift is a common heritage we all share as human beings.  As we move into a new season often times our dream life will pick up.  It is a time of transition and there are power in those spaces.  So if you haven't been doing so keep a pad or notebook by the bed.  When you wake write down your meanderings through the night realms. If you can't remember just write how you feel in that moment of waking.  Over time your record will become a map of your spirit, an atlas of dreams.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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