Friday, July 15, 2016

The Greatest Story Ever Sold

Greetings all,

I have a hard time expressing just how grateful I am this week for all that I have learned, and all the connections I have made.  I've had the opportunity to use my skills and push the limits of my abilities this week, and it feels so good to stretch.  I got to address a local metaphysical church as a speaker and it showed me just how much I have grown in the past few years.

Recently a fellow practitioner remarked on how many different groups I am involved in.  Years ago I never would have believed I would be involved in not one but two shamanic groups, a group dedicated to using magic to save the world, a group dedicated to deepening healing abilities and access to grace, a game night group, and several meditation groups.  Somehow I've gone from being totally isolated to being plugged in and an active member in social/spiritual groups.  I look at it as finally finding environments suited to my own soul.  Just like a plant if you put me in the right supportive environment I thrive.

Human beings are social creatures.  Most of us are hardwired to seek companionship and community.  There are outliers of course, but just about all of us want relationships with other human beings.  We are all connected in that sense.  In these times we are also connected via satellite, 24 hour news channels, and internet memes.  This has its downsides as well as upsides.  Beyond that we have a collective consciousness of patterns of behavior.  Some of these patterns help to keep us safe, others keep us trapped repeating the same stories over and over like a child who only wants to hear Hansel and Gretel at bedtime.

Right now we have the conglomerate we call media telling us a story.  To quote a popular television show, "This is a story about how the world ends."  The European Union is falling apart, America is set to elect a narcissistic blockhead, terror attacks are everywhere, and there will be a race war in the streets!  You are not safe! Bad people are coming to destroy you, your family, your way of life, your country, your job, and your privilege!

We are not to be informed anymore we are to be entertained and to be told who we should be afraid of.  That is the story we are being sold.  We are told we have no power, so we must appeal to the powerful.  It's a compelling story of the underdog, but in this case the dog gets run over.  The thing about this story is, it's a lie.  There are facts in it, but they are conveniently placed and highlighted to show exactly the shape of the world we are "supposed" to see.  Frightened people are easily manipulated.  They tend to make poor decisions since fear shuts down the frontal lobes in favor of the older mammalian and reptilian brain.  That portion of the brain is great for rote actions and so you see, history repeats itself.

We are in a quandary, because there is a drive and a certain need to be informed, however in this age of the world we are drowning in information,  Much of it is irrelevant to the problems at hand.  We are also plugged into this collective of programmed sentiments and reactions.  So what do we do?  I myself have over the past few years been trying to slowly unplug from that unconscious collective of limitations and negative programming.  It is not easy, it takes time, and you have go gently or you will step off into the abyss.  The deeper I go inside to unplug, the more junk I uncover that needs to be transmuted, for I am not just dealing with my personal issues, but those that are carried by all of us.  The upside is that every person who unplugs from a destructive pattern weakens the whole pattern as it has one less person to power it.

Collectives of consciousness are powerful forces.  This is why I have become involved in groups.  Nature abhors a vacuum, and so do we.  We are social creatures, our lives and our patterns flow into and out of the great void of creation.  There will always be a collective, but we can individually address it, change it, and make it a more supportive and loving one.  The more of us who do this and take on the mission of changing the stories we are being sold, the more free all of us become.

So how about you?  Are you stuck in the world of "the way things are"?  Do you find yourself despairing for the state of the planet?  Are you drowning in the cult of fear?  What happens if you start to question the powers?  What happens if you don't buy the story you're being told?  What happens if you join with others to sing a new world of possibilities into being?  Lift your head above the mire.  Marvel at the majesty of the sky.  Bow your head in prayer and contemplation of a better world of collaboration and acceptance.  Find the other dreamers who have shaken the sleep from their eyes and grasp the hands of your new friends.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle